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Telemedicine Training

Telemedicine Training


Adding new medical technologies to existing systems can be a difficult process for employees unfamiliar with using them. Introducing telemedicine technologies to a medical practice, clinic or hospital not only involves adding new devices to workflows, but it can also require making significant adjustments to how healthcare is delivered. At GlobalMed, we understand these concerns and strive to make these adjustments easier for our customers. Our telemedicine training and education programs are designed to achieve this goal.


GlobalMed offers a variety of telemedicine training options. We provide hands-on training that can be completed on-site at your clinic with your equipment, off-site at our Training Center in Scottsdale, Arizona, or online courses. You can also find information on getting started in telehealth and which telehealth education plans are suited to meet the needs of your practice. We’ll be happy to work with you to address the specific challenges your department faces.


No matter what type of training you require, when you choose GlobalMed for your telemedicine education needs you can be confident that you are receiving industry-leading training. Each of our custom programs includes:


  • Scheduling to meet your clinic's needs.

  • Customized Training Manuals and Certificates of Completion for each attendee.

  • Knowledgeable, friendly trainers to make the experience enjoyable.

  • A format to ensure in-depth knowledge of skills taught, making the most of your telemedicine training.


For the past decade, GlobalMed has helped doctors improve their practices and provide value to their patients through the use of advanced medical technology. With our comprehensive training programs and years of expertise, we can help your practice streamline the process of adapting to new telemedicine technologies. For more information about our training solutions, contact us today.

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