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Telemedicine Products | Medical Technology

You may live in a state that requires all medical insurance carriers to reimburse you for telemedicine visits at the same rate they pay for in-person visits. This is a trend that will likely spread across the country due to the need to reform healthcare delivery and access.


  • Assess patients who come for an office visit as well as remotely via GlobalMed’s telemedicine devices and receive the same reimbursement.
  • Broaden the reach of your practice and increase revenue by seeing more patients at remote clinics without losing money and time in travel with the help of GlobalMed’s design team and broad range of solutions.


  • Integrated systems.
  • Scalable technologies.
  • Interoperability through open architecture.
  • Simple digital image capture and store in an EMR or PACS.
  • Cost-effective acquisition.
  • Demonstrated ROI.
Globalmed | Telemedicine