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GSA Schedule

Telemedicine Products | Health Care Technology

GSA Schedules offer customers direct delivery of millions of state-of-the-art, high-quality commercial supplies and services at volume discount pricing. The Schedules & Other Supplies & Services page lists commercial supplies and services available under GSA Schedules and other GSA contracts. All customers, even those in remote locations, can order the latest technology and quality supplies and services, conveniently, and at most-favored customer prices. GSA Schedules also offer the potential benefits of shorter lead-times, lower administrative costs, and reduced inventories. When using GSA Schedules, ordering activities have the opportunity to meet small business goals, while promoting compliance with various environmental and socioeconomic laws and regulations.

GSA Schedules offer a variety of features, including:

  • Blanket Purchase Agreements
  • Contractor Team Arrangements
  • Price Reductions
  • New Technology
  • Continuous Open Seasons
  • Evergreen Contracts
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Purchase Card Acceptance
  • Environmental Programs/Identification
  • Section 508 information on electronic and information technology

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