Cost Simplified

Get started with evidence-based telemedicine for $825 a month*

See more patients in more places with less hassle using telemedicine.

Simply choose the care station that best fits your environment. We supply the station, diagnostic devices and software. Well tackle the installation, training, IT, maintenance and warranties for one low monthly price. And you? You care for your patients.

Get started faster

Weve been telehealth technology innovators for over 16 years. Now were extending that innovation to our pricing. Our platform-as-a-service model lets you obtain the same technology used by the White House without massive upfront capital expenditures.

Integrated software and hardware

GlobalMeds eNcounter telehealth software is the trusted engine driving your WallDoc®, Transportable Exam Station or Xpress®. Its customizable to your workflow and allows you to store and forward sensitive patient data to facilitate evidence-based diagnosis and keep you compliant.

We handle the tech

If youre no IT wizard, weve got you covered. Let GlobalMed handle setup, training, troubleshooting and system maintenance. Its all included in your low monthly rate.

Station + Peripherals + Software

Included devices: TotalExam® 3 for viewing high definition freeze frame images, ClearSteth® stethoscope, and TotalVital®s for vitals such as blood pressure and temperature.

Choose your delivery method:
Xpress, WallDoc or Transportable Exam Station

Included software: eNcounter with features such as multi-way, video-based consults, scheduling, ePrescribing, and more.

*Initial setup fee may apply.

Get started with telemedicine starting at $825/mo.

Get Started

Full-scale, integrated telemedicine technology grows with youwithout the risk.


$ 825

Per Month
  • OpEx
  • Up and running in 6-8 weeks
  • Fully integrated software and hardware, plus world-class support
  • Includes 3 cutting-edge connected medical devices
  • Setup and training included
  • We manage remotely and handle all upgrades

Traditional Purchase Plans

$ 42,000

Startup Capital Requirement
  • CapEx
  • Longer lead time due to CapEx approval process
  • May cobble together solutions from multiple providers
  • Add-ons and upcharges
  • Training costs extra
  • Technical headaches and outdated software

Connected instruments included

We include 3 of our most popular smart devices with your plan:

TotalExam 3
Intuitive HD digital exam camera. What sets the TotalExam 3 apart is its versatility: interchangeable heads and attachments including: manual focus head, otoscope head, tongue depressor attachment and derm hood.

The ClearSteth application offers an intuitive interface for clear and fast tele-auscultation. This software combined with the ClearSteth stethoscope offers a simple solution for remote sharing of high quality heart, lung, and body sounds. The ClearSteth provides accurate, reliable and quality readings from wherever you choose to integrate our solution.

GlobalMeds TotalVitals Monitor is a hand-held device that digitally captures a wide range of vitals including: temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, spirometry and blood glucose (optional).

Rely on the same telemedicine technology used by the White Housefor a low monthly rate.

WallDoc integrates into existing environments, regardless of size constraints. Video-conferencing software is combined with connected medical devices, housed safely within the unit, to provide a comprehensive and customizable telemedicine solution.

Transportable Exam Station(TES)
TES is a rugged, impact, dust and weather-resistant rolling case that can easily travel with you into any environment. TES allows you to stay connected via WIFI, 3G, 4G or wired connections so you wont lose valuable data. This HIPPA and HITRUST compliant platform offers secure data transfer capabilities from all locations.

Xpress Station
GlobalMed Xpress Station's innovative modular design delivers a telemedicine station, configurable to accommodate a wide array of examination capabilities.With integrated video conferencing software and connected medical devices, the ClinicalAccess Station delivers secure and quality healthcare solutions for your clinic or hospital.

Realize your dream of offering modern telemedicine servicesfor less. Contact us today.