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Examination Cameras

Capturing high-quality live video and still imagery are essential components of an effective telemedicine program. Listening to the needs of clinicians around the world, GlobalMed has developed best-in-class, multi-functional examination cameras, including the TotalExam 3 and TotalExam HD.

Clinician Feedback

doctor“The images produced by the TotalExam are beyond what I expected.  I have been a student of telemedicine since the mid-1990s, when most believed telemedicine to be a “pipe dream,” said Richard L. Averitte, Jr., MD, a Scottsdale, Arizona, dermatologist.  “Not only can very subtle color changes be identified, but also differences in dimension as well – meaning there is almost a three-dimensional appearance to the image in a two-dimensional setting.  It’s so clear one can count and measure the distance between hair follicles! Consequently, we use it as an education tool for our primary care partners, medical students and residents.”

Listening to medical practitioners, collaborating with them on design, and then developing integrated and effective telemedicine solutions  is the cornerstone of GlobalMed’s medical technology innovation. Our mission it to transform healthcare globally by providing clinicians the best tools to improve outcomes through increased access high-quality care.


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TotalExam™ 3 Camera

High Performance

With its superior HD image quality, lightweight design and versatility, the TotalExam™ 3 advances telemedicine imagery to a whole new level. What really sets the TotalExam™ 3 apart is its versatility: interchangeable heads and attachments including: auto ormanual focus head, otoscope head, tongue depressor attachment and derm hood which connect with a simple USB 3.0 interface. The Variable Polarizing Hood further expands its range. The modular heads, combined with a broad range of focus, allows the TotalExam™ 3 to be used in a wide range of applications where clear, precise images are essential.

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TotalExam™ HD Examination Camera

Superior Clarity
A new and improved 
TotalThe TotalExam HD raises the bar for high definition telemedi¬cine imagery by providing unparalleled image quality in a light¬weight, ergonomic and easy to use camera. With Tongue Depressor Adaptor, Derm Hood and Variable Polarizing Hood, the TotalExam HD provides a versatile solution for clinician when high definition, unsurpassed image quality and clarity are vital.

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Compare the TotalExam® Cameras

TotalExam High Definition Camera
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