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TotalExam™ HD Examination Camera

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Weighing in at just four ounces, the TotalExam™ HD is the first true HD video examination camera for use in telemedicine. The sleek, modern look and small size is designed with the comfort of the user in mind. It offers ground-breaking video technologies until now only available to professional studios and HD television stations.

TotalExam HD Camera




  • It is faster and easier to acquire the best freeze frame images because the camera’s count back frame analysis automatically selects the clearest view among 17 frames.
  • Still images obtained from the camera’s superior resolution are six-times the clarity of standard definition cameras, making features crystal clear upon enlargement.
  • All the camera’s function buttons are conveniently located on top, making image acquisition and adjustment a simple one-handed operation.
  • The integrated auto-focus takes the guesswork out of capturing the clearest images and, when desired, can be turned off.
  • Go green with TotalExam HD. The LED light carousel uses as little as 8 watts of power compared to fluorescent lighting in other cameras that consume 40 watts.


Introducing Our Latest Medical Device for Enhancing Quality of Patient Images

The Variable Polarizing Hood™ was designed for use with the TotalExam HD. When used together, this unique, Class I product eliminates unwanted glare during examination and in captured images. The Variable Polarizing Hood attaches easily to the end of the TotalExam HD, allowing the clinician to control the volume of light reflected during the examination, enhancing the overall performance of the TotalExam HD. The result is a superior image for better diagnosis. The difference between images captured with polarized light as opposed to un-polarized light is dramatic.

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