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Digital Stethoscopes | Electronic Stethoscope

Whether you are listening to live heart or breath sounds, or collecting data for store and forward, GlobalMed has the digital stethoscope to meet your needs. Digital stethoscopes offer unparalleled sound quality with digital volume control and easy to use bell/diaphragm toggles which can be controlled by either end of the telemedical consult.

  • Unsurpassed sound quality is the key to cardiology and pulmonology  diagnostics. You can achieve this level of clarity and volume with any of the digitally enhanced electronic stethoscopes offered by GlobalMed.                                                                                                           
  • Connectivity is made easy with GlobalMed’s line of digital stethoscopes, whether you are using a software CODEC, hardware CODEC or simply saving recorded heart and breath sounds for later interpretation, we have a electronic stethoscope to meet your needs.
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