CareTone® Ultra Telephonic Stethoscope

Telephonic Stethoscope | Digital Stethoscopes
When you need the best quality heart and breath sounds, you want the latest in digitally enhanced technology. GlobalMed is the worldwide distributor for CareTone Digital Telephonic Stethoscopes which many clinicians prefer.

  • Obtain optimal sound quality, including volume and selectable bell diaphragm switch, with provider-side controls.
  • With ultra-low band-width requirement, the CareTone Ultra Telephonic Stethoscope will send you crystal clear heart, airway and lung sounds.  
  • Use the CareTone Ultra Telephonic Stethoscope with your current equipment whether you have a videoconferencing system, a PC-based system or even assign your stethoscope its own IP address using the CareTone IP Management System (CIMS).
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