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Telehealth Technology | Telecare Software

Digital image automation advances not only telemedicine but standard medical care as well. Capturing, measuring and annotating images aids in tracking progression, obtaining and doing consults and preserving data in patient EMRs. GlobalMed has developed telemedicine software, including CapSure®, CapSure Cloud®, and EasyShare® that enables these functions throughout.

Whether you are looking for a way to digitize and store images or need a way to capture, store and forward them remotely, our telemedicine software solutions will facilitate that process safely and easily while protecting patient privacy.

For more details our software services, visit the CapSure®, CapSure Cloud®, and EasyShare® pages.


The GlobalMed eNcounter


What is eNcounter®?

eNcounter® is an intuitive, user-friendly interface, which provides a secure, configurable environment that safeguards personal information and protects the system from unauthorized changes. eNcounter® allows for seamless workflow between multiple, configurable applications within one easy-to-use, icon-based interface. When combined with appropriate Windows 7 hardware and additional GlobalMed software, eNcounter® effectively becomes a Windows shell replacement.

What does eNcounter® do? 

eNcounter® provides the user with access to any installed and eNcounter®-configured application. A simple and elegant interface provides the user with the platform from which he or she can initiate any of the configured applications. The eNcounter® platform transitions seamlessly between functions creating a streamlined user experience. 



Medical Software Interface | Secure Environment
The GlobalMed® software interface that provides a secure environment for telehealth medical services.

eNcounter™ Services

The software suite engineered to take the complexity out of acquiring, storing, sharing and securing patient data and images. With eNcounter, leading digital medical devices are integrated into logical workflow steps to support telehealth protocols.

Exchange – eNcounter coordinates and facilitates the efficient flow of patient data and information.

Connect – eNcounter integrates and connects leading digital medical devices into the workflow.

View – eNcounter manages video collaboration.

Image Automation – eNcounter, using CapSure® 2 image automation software, simplifies the acquisition, storage and forwarding of medical images.

Secure Medical Software Interface EnCounter


Medical Software | Medical Imaging Software
CapSure® enhances the user-experience people have come to expect in GlobalMed’s image automation software. From crystal-clear HD imagery to full control at any video-conference endpoint, CapSure® simplifies the process of acquiring, storing and forwarding medical images. The DICOM-compliant software connects easily to CapSure® Cloud
 cloud-based services or other third-party PACS servers, allowing secure access to images by a remote clinician.

CapSure Cloud®

Medical Software | Diagnostic Imaging Software  

Cloud-based DICOM PACS for Management of Visible and Non-visible Light Images

GlobalMed’s CapSure Cloud® is making it easier, faster and more efficient to share patient studies with distant specialists for rapid decision-making on appropriate treatments. 

Supports single frame visible light photography from the external camera (XC) and imaging studies from Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance (MRI), X-ray (CR), and Ultrasound.


Software | Video Conferencing
EasyShare®, GlobalMed's video conferencing and collaboration solution, saves easily on quantifiable travel costs while reducing stress and boosting personal productivity. EasyShare® features highly encrypted software, is enterprise friendly, and uses managed peer-to-peer architecture and low bandwidth. The software allows for one-click web calling between one or more parties and instant application-sharing through drag-and-drop file transfer, which is important in ensuring that critical documents are viewed in a timely manner. Through EasyShare® technology, visual collaboration is more successful and effective than ever before, achieving a new level of “connectedness” between remotely located participants. 

ClearSteth® Software

ClearSteth Stethoscope

Advanced Digital Stethoscope Application
An advanced digital stethoscope and application, designed specifically for telehealth . Connect through any USB port and securely share clear, crisp audio. With the ClearSteth® application, providers are able to filter, fine tune and record digital audio exam results.

Advanced Digital Stethoscope Software

TotalECG® Software

Wireless Simplicity | Portable & Accurate

TotalECG® Wireless 12-Lead ECG System

Designed with simplicity, portability and accuracy in mind, the TotalECG® system extends the reach of cardio care beyond traditional boundaries.

The TotalECG® PC based resting ECG Machine is a wireless 12-Lead ECG system that consists of Windows based CardioVu software using the world renowned Glasgow Interpretation system, and a compact ECG acquisition device. The TotalECG® wirelessly streams ECG data from the patient to a remote computer such as a PC, laptop or Windows tablets.

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Wireless 12 Lead ECG System
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