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Telemedicine Carts | Telehealth Carts

The traditional method of providing healthcare is to bring the patient to the doctor. More recently, medical technology has enabled us to bring the doctor to the patient. GlobalMed designs products that make this technology more mobile and accessible to suit the needs of physicians as well as their patients. Mobility of telemedicine platforms requires integration for ease of use and safety in transport. GlobalMed’s telemedicine solutions go beyond the typical cart. They not only provide for video conferencing; they also include built-in medical devices to assist physicians in remote patient assessment. The pressure is on for healthcare to expand its reach while containing costs, increasing convenience and improving access. This new healthcare model encourages the use of remote clinic care, specialty consults and home healthcare. GlobalMed’s telemedicine stations meet the needs of all of these settings and more.

ClinicalAccess™ Station

ClinicalAccessTM Station | Streamlined Workflow
An innovative, modular mobile exam station designed to streamline workflow by integrating seamless video conferencing with leading-edge medical devices and GlobalMed’s powerful eNcounter® software.

Clinical Access Station Telemedicine

i8500™ Mobile Telemedicine Station

Telemedicine Carts | Mobile Medical Stations
GlobalMed works with customers to create the mobile medical carts that fit their unique needs and specialties. GlobalMed features open architecture products that work with all major videoconferencing systems. Our mobile medical telemedicine stations are ergonomically designed for ease of use.

i8500 Telemedicine Cart

TES™ (Transportable Exam Station™ )

Telemedicine Cart | Mobile Medical Station
Recognizing the need for mobility, GlobalMed developed TES™ to take healthcare beyond the static, cart-style  installation. TES™ travels with the healthcare provider to the patient. TES™ integrated medical devices include GlobalMed's TotalExam™ 2 Examination Camera and CapSure® Store-and-Forward Image Automation software, USB otoscope and an electronic stethoscope.                   

i8500™ Teleaudiology Station

Teleaudiology Cart | Mobile Medical Carts
GlobalMed offers an all-in-one telemedicine station for remote audiology assessment, using the technology of four industry standard testing devices and the cart design for remote video conferencing. This equipment opens up the opportunity for audiology specialists to expand their practice into satellite clinics. When patients live too far away for an in-person visit, the teleaudiology cart assists in providing convenient care while reducing patient or specialist travel.

i8500 Teleaudiology Cart



Coming Soon | WallDoc | Integrated Wall Mounted Exam Station

GlobalMed’s WallDoc® is the telemedicine solution where space is limited and mobility isn’t a factor. Mounts flat to the wall, taking up just a little more room than a flat panel monitor yet provides a fully-integrated telemedicine station.

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Wall Mounted Exam Station - Walldoc
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