Telemedicine Stations

TES™ (Transportable Exam Station™ )

Telemedicine Cart | Mobile Medical Station
Recognizing the need for mobility, GlobalMed developed TES™ to take healthcare beyond the static, cart-style  installation. TES™ travels with the healthcare provider to the patient. TES™ integrated medical devices include GlobalMed's TotalExam™ 2 Examination Camera and CapSure® Store-and-Forward Image Automation software, USB otoscope and an electronic stethoscope.                   

  • GlobalMed has miniaturized an in-office telemedicine station into a lightweight, interactive and fully mobile examination device that fits into an impact-, dust- and weather-resistant rolling case.                                                                                                       
  • TES™ is an integrated platform for telemedicine, utilizing a tablet PC, speaker, microphone and an array of cameras and peripherals that enable a remote clinician to deliver quality healthcare.                                                                                                   
  • A main control panel makes it easy for the mobile provider to quickly set-up TES™ and connect with distant healthcare practitioners via the Internet.
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