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Medical Technology | Telecare Services for Private Practice

Fewer medical school graduates are entering primary care, and specialists are not always available in underserved areas. Telemedicine technology may be the only short-term solution to increasing accessibility to healthcare, given the growing shortage of healthcare providers. GlobalMed has designed systems that help extend access to providers’ practices.


  • Healthcare technologies in the past have discouraged interoperability. GlobalMed’s open architecture solutions are designed to function with any other vendor’s system or as a standalone.
  • As your practice grows, your medical technology needs may increase or change. GlobalMed’s scalable and interoperable devices enable you to upgrade or add equipment without requiring the purchase of a completely new system.
  • Broaden your practice by reaching those patients in areas where specialists are unavailable.
  • Enhance your standing in your community by providing access to specialists in larger urban areas without the necessity of patient travel. GlobalMed can work with you to design a system for real-time patient consults.


  • Integrated systems.
  • Scalable technologies.
  • Interoperability through open architecture.
  • Simple digital image capture and store in an EMR or PACS.
  • Cost-effective acquisition.
  • Demonstrated ROI.
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