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Corporate Social Responsibility


We believe that our corporate social responsibility is to encourage positive impact through our activities and involvement in the environment and communities, with our consumers and vendors, employees, stakeholders and future generations. Our medical technology eliminates unnecessary cost and increases accessibility to quality medical care worldwide. Illness, disease, poverty and abuse know no geographic or social boundaries and neither do our solutions. At the corporate level, GlobalMed participates by donating its time, talent, and telemedicine solutions, and other financial resources to organizations with both specialized and broad needs, as we believe it is our responsibility to give back, reciprocate and support, never settling or compromising. Our employees give both their time and financial resources to various local and national charities carrying on the commitment to social responsibility.

Annual Events & Programs 

American Heart Association
Annual Baby Diaper Drive
Annual Warrior Dash
Marine Corps' Toys for Tots
Paiute Neighborhood Center in Scottsdale
Phoenix Children’s Hospital Beach Ball event
Strike Out Child Abuse Walk—Hope & A Future
Teen Lifeline

We are proud to be able to join forces with and support these programs!

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