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Transforming Healthcare Globally

GlobalMed powers the world’s largest, most advanced virtual care programs and is honored to be the telehealth provider to the Department of Veterans Affairs, Defense Health Agency, and the White House.

With over 15 million consults delivered in 55 countries, its virtual care platform has the Authority to Operate (ATO) on U.S. Department of Defense networks with the highest level of security and supports a patient at any point in the continuum of care. GlobalMed designs, manufactures, and deploys fully integrated software and hardware solutions that remove the barriers of technology from the business of patient care. Providers are enabled with data capturing tools to deliver evidence-based treatment and improve patient outcomes while lowering costs.  Providers looking for their own technology to manage capacity, save money, and deliver responsible medicine, will get all they need from one platform. Recognizing the importance of trust and consistency in healthcare, GlobalMed also offers white-label versions of their systems so that providers can self-brand their virtual care offerings to strengthen the patient relationship with their organization.

Now, GlobalMed can help create customized television networks for hospitals that display branded messaging, as well as entertainment, news and information programming, 24 hours a day, on their television systems. GlobalMedTV programming shines a positive light on a facility while providing uplifting and inspiring programs on a variety of topics for patients and visitors. GlobalMedTV is powered by GlobalMed which is transforming healthcare globally.

As part of the ongoing effort to identify world-class organizations that better serve American Service Veterans, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Center for Verification and Evaluation has recognized GlobalMed as a Veteran-Owned Small Business.