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Medical Imaging in the Cloud

The U.S. healthcare industry generates a massive amount of digital data every day, and medical imaging represents a significant portion of that data. It is estimated that each year approximately 400 million procedures in the U.S. require at least one medical image.

These electronic records are a blessing in terms of increasing information-sharing efficiency and decreasing costs. But with so much data being generated, there comes a need to manage that data. Patient records and medical images must be stored securely and made easily accessible to all departments across the healthcare system. However, current storage technologies are placing significant limitations on how efficiently this data is managed.

Medical imaging in the cloud can help alleviate these limitations by providing more effective storage and access methods that will scale easily as the wealth of patient information and medical images in U.S. healthcare systems continues to grow. Cloud computing solutions, such as GlobalMed’s cloud-based CONi Services, make it easier, faster and more efficient to share patient studies with distant specialists for rapid collaborative decision-making on appropriate treatments.

As a DICOM PACS, CONi enables studies from multiple modalities, such as CT, MRI, X-ray and ultrasound, to be accessed from anywhere in the world and securely stored in the cloud. Sharing and viewing studies using the site is accomplished in just a few basic steps, and even patients can access these studies at any time from their home computers.

For more information about medical imaging in the cloud, and GlobalMed’s cloud-computing solutions.

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