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Remote ICUs

Treatment of patients in intensive care units (ICUs) represents nearly one third of all hospital costs in the United States. In addition to the high cost of intensive care, the specialists who provide this care, known as intensivists, are in short supply. Telemedicine may offer a solution to these financial and logistical concerns through remote ICUs.

Telemedicine is most commonly used in one-on-one scenarios between a physician and a patient or between two physicians. Increasingly, however, remote ICU’s are being implemented to help extend the range of intensivists, as well as allow them to monitor multiple patients in multiple facilities.

By utilizing advanced medical imaging, video conferencing, and computer software technology, specialists can effectively monitor a larger group of intensive care patients, and consult with on-site nurses and physicians when hands-on care becomes necessary. Remote ICUs have resulted in a number of positive outcomes, including decreased patient mortality, shorter ICU stays, and rapid return on investment for hospitals.

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