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Telemedicine Carts

Telemedicine carts are fully-equipped telecare stations that can capture, transfer and store diagnostic medical images and patient data between medical practitioners - from even the most remote locations. Mobile medical stations allow health care personnel to provide the best medical care to patients in rural areas. Patients no longer have to travel to see specialists or other experts in order to receive comprehensive medical care.

GlobalMed’s telemedicine carts go way beyond the typical medical cart, providing videoconferencing capabilities and featuring built-in medical devices to assist practitioners in remote patient assessment. Our telemedical carts are equipped with diagnostic cameras and image transfer software, digital scopes, EKG and vital sign monitors, and ultrasound probes to streamline patient care. GlobalMed’s fully integrated telemedicine solutions help clinics reduce data transfer costs and maximize the efficiency of remote healthcare.

Telemedicine can truly transform patient care – allowing practitioners to diagnose and treat patients at their location, without the need to travel. For more information regarding the fully-equipped telemedicine carts offered by GlobalMed, contact us today.

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