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Adding new medical service lines to existing systems can be a challenging process for staff who may be unfamiliar with how to use the new hardware and software effectively.  Introducing telemedicine technologies to a medical practice, clinic or hospital not only involves additional medical devices, but also requires making changes to how healthcare is delivered.  At GlobalMed, we understand these concerns.  Our education department has designed programs to make these adjustments easier for our customers.

GlobalMed offers several telemedicine training options.  We provide on-site, hands-on training at your location with your equipment, or live, online training from our headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Another option to consider is a subscription to our online Learning Management System.  Besides basic training, the LMS helps familiarize new hires when staff turnover occurs.  And it can be used as refresher courses to help staff members maintain their expertise.  The educational videos can be viewed at staff convenience. After answering a brief quiz to show the material is understood, they can progress to other training modules.

GlobalMed’s industry-leading training enables your team to confidently engage with patients.  Each of our programs that are customized to fit your needs includes:

  - Scheduling on your time-line.
  - Training Manuals and Certificates of Completion for each attendee
  - Knowledgeable, friendly trainers
  - A format that ensures the in-depth knowledge needed.

GlobalMed’s integrated, proven technologies are helping providers add value to their patients and their practices.  Our comprehensive training leverages our years of knowledge, helping you streamline the process of including telemedicine in your workflow.  For more information on our training programs, contact us today.

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