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eNcounter 4 Healthcare on Your Terms

GlobalMed is proud to announce the release of eNcounter 4, the latest evolution of our evidence-based telemedicine software platform. With newly added features, eNcounter 4 delivers a tailored and easily customizable solution for healthcare providers to reduce cost and grow their practice.

Engage Patients

With improved user experience, eNcounter 4 makes it easy to engage and maintain existing patients, allowing providers to boost patient satisfaction and retention. Features like appointment scheduling by the patient and provider are seamless and user-friendly. eNcounter 4 also modernizes patient care with its ability to integrate and collect data from over 1,000 medical devices.

Manage Capacity

eNcounter 4 is designed to easily fit within any business model and work flow methodology. Providers can streamline clinical workflow and maintain efficiency. Remote patient monitoring with secure cloud storage and note recording capabilities makes it easy to expand to new areas in patient care. Resource management is easier than ever with eNcounter 4, which allows reallocation of available time slots, providers, and facilities so patients receive the timely care they deserve. Superbilling is a new feature in eNcounter 4, in which providers and medical billers can expedite the billing process as soon as a consultationis completed.

Increase Revenue

eNcounters comprehensive practice management application allows any practice to grow their business and increase revenue. Enterprise level tools such as API integration and administrator functions improves scalability and cost efficiency. Providers and patients both benefit from eNcounter 4s features that facilitate chronic care management, and virtual visits from a patients home or anywhere the patient happens to be located.

GlobalMed is dedicated to transforming healthcare globally. The release of eNcounter 4 is infused with tools and features to help providers reduce healthcare costs, increase healthcare access, and save lives.


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