Mobile Telehealth – Simple & Secure

EncounterNOW mobile telehealth on web, tablet and mobile

Designed for Easy, Secure and Scalable Use

Connect directly and securely with your patient using their own mobile device. eNcounter®NOW provides you and your patient a simple to use mobile appointment experience that is fully HIPAA compliant.


Security & Compliance 

  • HIPAA compliant data collection and storage ​
  • Azure Key Vault and 256-bit AES-encrypted storage​
  • Secure communication and signaling using TLS 2.0​
  • Azure hosted automatic fail-overs, DDoS and data redundancy​
  • Backed by our Business Associate Agreement (BAA) guarantee
Telemedicine security and compliance using an azure cloud platform
eNcounterNOW includes calendar management with text and email notifications.

Appointment Features

  • Connect on IOS or Android mobile phones
  • Virtual waiting room for a coordinated start
  • Patient consent document management
  • Ability to invite up to 10 other participants to the virtual appointment with no loss in video quality.
  • In-appointment chat capability
  • Full video and audio controls

Calendar Management

  • Allows patients to choose their provider, view available appointments and select their preferred time and date
  • Enables providers to manage their availability, accept or decline appointment requests and enter patient profile details
  • Schedule management for appointment changes and cancellations 
  • Automatic SMS or email notification alerts
Full featured Direct-to-Patient telehealth video appointments
EncounterNOW includes tools for the admin, doctors and patients

Account Tools 

  • Patient accounts allow users to directly enter their contact data and preference information.
  • Clinician profiles are customizable so patients can easily select their physician from the directory.
  • The administrative portal provides complete user management including single sign-on and role-based permissions

How It Works

Download and Register for Free
Create your personalized account

Patients and providers simply download the app and create their profiles.

Scheduling a doctor visit on a telehealth app

Patients select their doctor and choose an open appointment which is then confirmed by the provider.

Telehealth Doctor-Patient visit

Easy to use in-appointment features help facilitate a secure and high-quality telehealth exam for both patient and provider.

Secure and Convenient Direct-to-Patient Telehealth


No commute times or long stays in crowded waiting rooms.


Patient self-scheduling, automated rescheduling, electronic consent and automated reminders


Increased capacity, front-desk bottleneck avoidance and reduced visits to the ER or Urgent Care


High quality doctor-to-patient video consultations on your mobile device … from anywhere and anytime.


HIPAA compliant cloud platform for secure, dependable, redundant system performance

Join Us On Your Telehealth Visit

Our direct-to-patient solution provides you and your patient a mobile appointment experience that is simple and secure. Connect with the eNcounter®NOW application today.

Let us show you the convenience and effectiveness of today’s mobile telehealth visit with eNcounter®NOW.

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We can help.

Let us guide you to the right virtual care solution for you and your patients.