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GlobalMed® Celebrates Its First Deployment of Telemedicine Technology in Namibia to De Beers.

By September 5, 2022February 17th, 2024General Interest, Global Presence, International Health

telemedicine onboard diamond mining vessels off the coast of Namibia

De Beers partnered with GlobalMed to provide telemedicine onboard diamond mining vessels in the Atlantic Ocean.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. September 5, 2022 – GlobalMed is proud to provide telemedicine onboard diamond mining vessels off the coast of Namibia with an initial deployment of Transportable Exam Stations, diagnostic exam devices, and eNcounter® software in partnership with the Debmarine division of De Beers. The initial units were deployed in 2022 to support the crews offshore with improved care and reduced medivacs.

Utilizing the Transportable Exam Stations, the occupational medical team provides onsite support to staff on the mining vessels. They can triage patients via live, remote consultations with specialists who provide diagnoses and treatment plans for onsite care or order medivacs, if necessary, allowing for time-sensitive, cost-effective care.

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