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GlobalMed® Joins Forces to Bring Cutting-Edge Virtual Healthcare to U.S. Service Members in Europe

By February 5, 2024February 17th, 2024Uncategorized

GlobalMed is proud to participate in Bestica’s recently awarded contract to deliver innovative virtual healthcare services to U.S. service members stationed in Europe. This exciting initiative, spearheaded by the Virtual Medical Center Europe (VMCE) in Landstuhl, Germany, is a significant step forward in providing remote healthcare access to active-duty personnel, their families, and other government workers across the continent.

GlobalMed brings its 22 years of experience in virtual care solutions to this esteemed project as the Information Technology lead. In that time, we’ve been honored to support various government agencies, including the Departments of Defense, Justice, Veterans Affairs, and Homeland Security. We are thrilled to leverage this expertise to ensure seamless and secure virtual care delivery for our service members overseas.

Collaboration is crucial to this project’s success. We’ll work closely with Bestica and other partners, Valor Healthcare and Ridgewood Government Services LLC, to optimize the user experience and deliver exceptional care. Each partner brings unique strengths to the table, creating a formidable team dedicated to the well-being of our service members in Europe.

The VMCE in Landstuhl has the potential to become a model for future virtual care delivery, showcasing the power of technology to improve accessibility, convenience, and quality of care. We’re committed to making this vision a reality and ensuring that our service members receive the best possible healthcare wherever they are stationed

We can create the right virtual health solution for you.

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