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GlobalMed®’s Virtual Care Solutions Available to Rent with CostSimplified® Program

By January 23, 2024February 17th, 2024General Interest, Press, Virtual Care

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Deploy telehealth software and hardware solutions to any healthcare organization quickly and efficiently.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – January 23, 2024: GlobalMed, a pioneer in virtual care solutions, is pleased to announce the expansion of its CostSimplified virtual healthcare rental program, catering to organizations seeking cost-effective and comprehensive telehealth solutions. The program includes newly added telehealth delivery stations and medical devices, further enhancing GlobalMed’s commitment to accessible and affordable virtual care.

The CostSimplified program empowers organizations to adopt and deliver virtual care services through a practical monthly fee structure. This innovative model provides an alternative financial approach, enabling users to access GlobalMed’s market-leading virtual care stations, connected devices, and telehealth software platform without the challenges of large upfront capital expenditures.

Telehealth stations included in the CostSimplified rental program:

  1. ClinicalAccess® Station: An innovative modular design configurable to accommodate a wide array of examination capabilities that can scale to fit evolving telehealth needs.
  2. ClinicalAccess® Station Lite: Alleviates the space concerns of larger stations with the ability to customize it to an organization’s specific needs.
  3. LiteExam® Station: Designed to be the most accessible and affordable desktop telemedicine station, with everything needed to add telehealth capabilities to any school, office, or organization.
  4. Transportable Exam Station: A fully mobile exam station with a military-grade tablet and impact-resistant case to safely store a variety of medical devices.
  5. Transportable Exam Backpack: This innovative backpack offers flexibility and mobility and ensures healthcare providers can deliver telehealth services virtually anywhere.

Key Components of the CostSimplified Rental:

Each rental includes a choice of telehealth stations, as listed above, and a variety of connected medical devices. Including TotalExam® 3.2 exam camera with otoscope attachment, TotalExam® Lite exam camera and otoscope, USB stethoscope, TotalVitals®, TotalECG®, Spirometer, and ClearProbe®.

The package includes the powerful eNcounter® telehealth software platform, which facilitates customized workflows, multi-way video consultations, secure cloud-based storage, and multi-way video, audio, and chat appointments with ePrescribe capabilities.

Joel E. Barthelemy, the founder and CEO of GlobalMed, highlighted the goal of this program, stating that “the goal of virtual healthcare delivery is to make healthcare more accessible for both patients and providers. Our CostSimplified program enables providers with limited budgets to start or expand their virtual health programs quickly.”

Benefits of the CostSimplified Program:

  • Start Small, Get Started: Initiate a telehealth program with a minimal budget and an affordable monthly payment, avoiding the burden of a large capital requirement.
  • Quick Start: Get up and running quickly, eliminating the extended time needed for a capital approval process.
  • Scalability: Expand rental fleets and capabilities as patient demand grows.
  • Fully Integrated Solution: Get all your virtual care technology from a single vendor to avoid lower-quality solutions from multiple sources.
  • Setup and Training Included: GlobalMed will be on hand to facilitate set-up and readiness checks. The training program provides detailed, hands-on training on using the telemedicine station and every medical device properly and includes access to GlobalMed’s learning management system for ongoing training.
  • Remote Technical Management: The support team will remotely handle the technical management of equipment and software, including upgrades.

For more information about the CostSimplified program and how it can transform your telehealth initiatives, visit

About GlobalMed:

Over the last 22 years, GlobalMed has powered the world’s most advanced virtual health and wellness platform, which supports patients at any point in the continuum of care. Integrated software, stations, and data-capturing tools enable providers to deliver a complete and accurate patient encounter for evidence-based treatment. GlobalMed technologies have facilitated over 63 million secure telehealth consultations globally.


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