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HIMSS20: Expanding Care to Africa’s Most Vulnerable with Telemedicine

HIMSS20 is right around the corner – and GlobalMed is excited to be represented on stage on Thursday, March 12 in an education session “Transforming Africa’s Health Crisis with Telemedicine.” Yaya Mbaoua, CEO of The Mbaoua Group, and Krystylle L. Richardson, CEO of, will tell riveting stories of two African telemedicine deployments using GlobalMed solutions – one involving pop-up clinics in Ghana and the other a larger United Nations-funded deployment in Zimbabwe.

“Transforming Africa’s Health Crisis with Telemedicine”
Thursday, March 12, at 11:30 a.m.
Level III Lecture Hall, W300
Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL.

In addition to explaining how to collaborate effectively with government and humanitarian organizations, the speakers will share strategy roadmaps and provide recommendations on creating sustainable virtual programs in disadvantaged areas. There has been a lot of buzz about this talk and we’re proud to announce that HIMSS has labeled it one of nine TIGER (Technology Informatics Guiding Education Reform) sessions. If you’re not familiar with TIGER, it’s a grassroots initiative focused on education reform, global workforce development and integrating technology and informatics into practice, research and resource development. HIMSS will also use Facebook Live to broadcast this education session across the world.

But let’s be clear. This talk isn’t just for leaders involved in international deployments. While each telemedicine program adapts to the vicissitudes of specific regions and populations – that’s one of telehealth’s unique benefits, after all – every deployment includes common elements that everyone can learn from. The session will share those too.

Answering the Call of a Crisis

“Africa confronts the world’s most dramatic public health crisis.” That’s how the World Health Organization (WHO)  described the high communicable and chronic disease rates, maternal mortality, neonatal deaths and a shocking number of HIV/AIDS cases that Africa endures today. But this HIMSS talk isn’t just a Cinderella tale of telehealth transformation. The speakers will share practical details and actionable recommendations.

See, while telehealth brings care to the underserved, the areas that need it most often lack essential components like transportation, reliable electricity or Internet access, or staff with the right skill sets. These deployments weren’t as simple as delivering a few GlobalMed stations to local clinicians. Every effective virtual health deployment requires the right expertise, technology and strategy – and when disadvantaged regions are in play, intelligent orchestration is a must.

That’s what our speakers will be talking about at HIMSS. Planning. Preparation. Foresight. The challenges they ran up against and the lessons they learned. Their tips for staying on budget, anticipating the demand for care, and aligning care protocols across different backgrounds. From handling technology generation gaps to launching community awareness campaigns, this education session will share hard-earned wisdom to help other providers launching other deployments. And of course, the speakers will answer plenty of questions.

In other words, this won’t be a dry session where you keep checking your phone. You’ll hear some great stories about the villagers who walked miles for the chance to see a doctor and the security guard who wanted to bring his machete into the exam. You’ll find out what it’s like to deliver over 1,000 exams in two days in a clinic where the power is flickering in and out – and how the Zimbabwe telemedicine program saved countless lives after Tropical Cyclone Idai killed 1,300 people and left thousands more seriously injured or suffering from cholera.

Transforming Healthcare Together

Our goal is the same as it’s always been – to help care teams worldwide transform global healthcare with virtual health solutions. Maybe you’re running a small virtual program yourself or laying the groundwork of a large-scale deployment. Maybe you’re still investigating the benefits of evidence-based virtual care. Regardless of your current mission, we feel safe in saying we share it – and we hope to get to know you better at HIMSS.

Visit us in Booth 6089

GlobalMed will be on-site at HIMSS with a multitude of ways to help you learn more about our virtual health delivery solutions:

  • Learn about our dynamic data integration – what it is and how it helps providers, IT, health administrators, and even patients.
  • Get a demo of our delivery systems, diagnostic devices, and software in action. Not attending HIMSS? Schedule a demo now.
  • Join us for our wine and whiskey happy hour on Wednesday, March 11 at 4:30 pm
  • Check out expert interviews from the booth with Dr. Nick van Terheyden of Incremental Healthcare on Wednesday, March 11 at 3:30 pm.

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