International Use Cases

Meditar PR logo
Argentina: Meditar

Meditar is the premier healthcare network in Argentina and Latin America’s largest managed healthcare company.

Meditar adopted GlobalMed’s industry-leading, evidence-based eNcounter® platform, and GlobalMed will help Meditar market direct-to-consumer virtual health—a relatively new concept in South America.

Providers on Meditar’s network are using a Meditar-branded version of eNcounter, and patients can download apps from the Apple Store and Google Play Store for direct access on their mobile devices for remote audio-video consults with Meditar’s doctors.

Serving the truck driver union and government worker contractors, workers who need healthcare can be triaged using telemedicine anywhere they are located.

telemedik logo
Puerto Rico: Telemedik

Telemedik offers virtual medical consultations through telemedicine including diagnosis, treatments, prescriptions, and medical education.

In September 2017, Hurricane Maria became the worst natural disaster to hit the tiny island. U.S. Army mobile medics used our telehealth solutions to serve over 150 patients a day, providing on-demand, synchronous critical care and specialty virtual health encounters.

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Brazil: Petrobras

Petrobas, the world’s fourth largest oil company, partnered with GlobalMed and Albert Einstein Hospital to provide healthcare on offshore oil rigs. Petrobras saw a 50% reduction in evacuations due to medical concerns with its telemedicine program. Read Case Study.

In January 2013, small coastal party town Santa Maria hosted students from six nearby colleges. The crowded Kiss nightclub erupted in flames after pyrotechnics were used indoors. The blaze killed 242 people and injured over 600 others. Unable to airlift all victims to Sao Paolo for care, the Brazilian president sent in GlobalMed technology to help the victims by connecting them to burn experts and other specialists and used our HD TotalExam camera to match skin that would be flown in for grafts.

Africa: Cape Verde Zimbabwe and Ghana Logo
Africa: Cape Verde, Zimbabwe and Ghana

Africa’s underserved communities are benefiting from telemedicine’s
expansive reach.

Cape Verde is an independent island nation of 500,000 people. Healthcare and transportation is limited, delaying care for sick or injured residents. Local leaders launched GlobalMed telemedicine solutions at 10 centers across the island. Read case study.

In Zimbabwe, a massive United Nation-funded deployment has not only brought care to remote African villages but also provided urgent disaster response emergency care after Tropical Cyclone Idai left thousands dead, missing and injured. See case study.

A medical mission brought GlobalMed solutions to a Ghana village where over 300 patients were seen and treated on the first day, with over 1000 seen over the duration of the mission. See case study.