Recent Trends in Telemedicine: The Future of Healthcare

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Recent trends in telemedicine have changed the way people view the world and have paved the way for the rise in the popularity of concepts such as telemedicine. It allows medical officers to utilize information technology and telecommunication to provide clinical healthcare to patients anywhere, regardless of the distance. Initially, medical facilities reserved telemedicine technology for treating patients that were far away from the medical facility or remote areas with a shortage of doctors. However, telemedicine has over time become a convenient tool for medical care in today's interconnected world. Its application is no longer limited to increasing access to health care or overcoming distance barriers. Patients in the modern world want to get immediate medical attention and don't want to waste time waiting at the doctor's consultation room.

Better Healthcare Apps

In the future, people can expect more personalized medical care apps that will increase the flexibility to transmit information from a patient to a doctor. Over time, telemedicine app development will trigger the invention of mHealth, mobile health apps that will increase access to medical care. Patients will utilize better healthcare apps such as Express Care Virtual, Amwell, MDLIVE, and MyTeleMed to improve their interaction with physicians.

Cloud Access and Mobility

Futurists expect over 65% of patients to use their mobile devices to interact with medical facilities by 2018. Research has revealed that most doctors are already using their medical apps and mobile devices to communicate with their patients. Insurance companies and medical facilities are also storing their medical records in the cloud to allow patients to access their medical reports at any time, anywhere. Cloud storage will help decrease paperwork and save time. One way to store medical files efficiently and securely is a cloud data warehouse.

Patient Data Analytics and Data Collection

Doctors can now use telemedicine technologies such as mobile apps and sensors to capture patient information automatically during a telemedicine session. The use of these modern devices and data has improved patient self-monitoring, and industry experts say it will boost the growth of telemedicine. Lab officers can use some of these devices to measure the ECG of a patient and send it to the doctor, allowing health professionals to monitor their patient's cardiovascular activity. Big data analytics is also critical in analyzing patient data, and doctors can utilize it to improve the future of telemedicine treatments. Collection and analysis of patient data can help identify risk factors and assist medical practitioners is tackling prophylactic therapies.

Better Investment Opportunities

Over time, telemedicine has become one of the profitable segments in the healthcare industry, so many investors are investing in it. Small-scale telemedicine operators can now merge with large-scale operators to provide top-notch health care. Providers of telemedicine technologies are also collaborating with international medical institutes to generate more revenue, widen their addressable market, and spread their expertise abroad. Investment opportunities in the medical world will only increase as medical facilities adopt advanced telemedicine technologies.

Improved Security

Data security has become vital as doctors embark on collecting data from their patients to advance telemedicine technologies. Doctors can now apply different techniques to secure their patient's medical records. Medical facilities have begun to encrypt medical records stored on all portable devices. Hospitals also emphasis frequent HIPAA security checks and vulnerability assessments to reduce data security risk factors.

Tech trends in the medical space have provided cost-effective treatment options and reduced the time patients take to reach a physician. The rise in aging population, latest trends in healthcare industry, and increased chronic diseases prevalence are some of the factors driving the rapid growth of the medical industry. Futurists expect telemedicine market trends to become more prominent in the future, and access to medical care to become easier than never.

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