Release Notes

eNcounter® 3.6.8 Release Notes

What’s New for Users:

  • Case Manager: We are excited to announce Case Manager, an optional workflow enhancement to GlobalMed’s eNcounter and eView products that supports four high-level capabilities:
    • Encounters can be grouped into a single “case.” This can be especially valuable in tracking the documentation and progress of an injury or illness that may require multiple visits.
    • Providers will have dashboard visibility to cases, including an awareness of when an appointment is taking place for a given case.
    • When a Provider takes a case, they can view the case history and be placed in a waiting room environment to review the already captured evidence before joining the video appointment.
    • An Institution Manager can create templates for use in cases, enabling an Institution-specific template-building capability that allows Providers to enter the data required by the Institution for given scenarios, and it is stored as part of the Case history.
  • Alternative ID and Accession ID: Where appropriate, these values are now displayed on screens showing a selected patient and in PACS-based reports.
  • Reliability and Performance Enhancements: We continue to improve the reliability and stability of the eNcounter suite of products by upgrading to the latest versions of our supporting tools and environments while enhancing our architecture.

What’s New for Administrators:

  • Reporting / Analytics: Administrators now have the option to monitor and track system usage with a variety of reports. Appropriate filtering and sorting options can control these reports:
    • Conferences per Time Period
    • Average Conference Duration per Time Period
    • Total Count of Conferences per Time Period
    • Active Institutions per Time Period
    • Conferences per Institution
    • Conferences per User
    • Concurrent Conferences per Time Period
    • Top Used Accounts per Time Period
  • Enhanced Support for FHIR:
    • Refactored our FHIR implementation to support Cerner R2 and Cerner R4
    • Refactored our FHIR implementation to support Epic R2 and Epic R4
    • Refactoring makes it easier for us to support additional eHRs.
    • Customized LOINC configurations are now supported.
  • Introduced Licensing Flexibility: We have introduced different types of licenses that will allow us to support additional implementation models for our users. Administrators can view their configuration through the MyDeployment option.
  • UDP Port Settings for ClearSteth: Through the Admin tool, administrators can now configure the UDP port settings to access ClearSteth that will be best for their environment.

eNcounter®NOW (eNow) 3.6 Release Notes

What's New

  • Added ability for patients to schedule appointments by date and time or by provider. Previously, patients were required to select a provider first.
    • Institution Admins can control which scheduling options are made available to patients during the scheduling process. They can allow all or select date and time only or provider only within Institution Settings.
  • Patients are now required to select where they will be located at the time of their appointment to ensure that, in the United States, they are only shown providers licensed to practice in the state in which they will physically be at the time of the appointment.If a patient selects “Using current location” the country and state fields will be populated with their current location, or they can manually select a country and state.
    • If a patient’s location at the time of the appointment doesn’t factor into which providers should be shown, then the institution admin can disable this option within Institution Settings.
  • Patients can apply additional filters when presented with the list of providers available to them to view providers by name, specialty, and languages spoken.
  • Once an appointment has been completed, the actual time and duration of the appointment are displayed and listed on the appointment summary PDF export and the visit notes screen.
  • Spanish translation is now available.
    • When users log into eNOW for the first time, they can select what language should be used within the app.
    • Within the Admin Tool, when you click on the icon in the upper right corner of the screen, there is now an additional option labeled “Change Language.” Once Spanish is selected, the Admin Tool will display in Spanish.
  • Default availability has been updated for both patients and providers.
    • When a new patient user is created, the default daily availability will be set to available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This can be changed in the settings menu at any time.
    • When a new provider user is created, the default daily availability will be set to 8:00 am – 5:00 pm in the user’s local time zone. This can be changed in the settings menu at any time.

What's New in eNcounter® 3.6.7

eNcounter is the backbone of GlobalMed’s virtual health care platform, so we’ve devoted our resources to adding features and functionality to this already robust system.

Please Note:

  • This version of eNcounter requires .NET Framework 4.8. If this is not installed on the machine you intend to use please run the eNcounter prerequisite installer found on the downloads page prior to installing eNcounter 3.6.7.
  • To ensure you are using the latest version of eNcounter View, be sure to refresh your browser (Ctrl+F5)

Improvements & Fixes

  • Portuguese, Spanish, and Vietnamese translations are now available.
  • Modified the default birthdate of an “Anonymous Patient” to be 1/1 of the current year
  • Date picker usability improved: default year 50 years prior; oldest year 120 years prior
  • Annotations made more usable and more flexible

eNcounter View

  • Contact list intermittently unavailable


  • Auto adjust volume feature made more sensitive to improve results
  • Provider-side filters did not always change the sound

Total Vitals®

  • Under certain conditions, Bluetooth was not connecting

Total ECG®

  • Addressed errors that occurred in Windows 11
  • Periodically disconnected

Improvements & Fixes

  • Finalization of translations in system emails and pop-up messages