Examination Cameras

HD Superior Image Quality

The Challenge

Meeting standards of traditional patient encounters is a major concern for healthcare organizations engaging in telemedicine. Low-quality cameras are unreliable and can have a negative effect on the quality of patient care.

The Solution

Capturing high-quality live video and still imagery are essential components of an effective telemedicine program. Listening to the needs of clinicians around the world, GlobalMed has developed best-in-class, multi-functional examination cameras.

The Highest Quality Exam Cameras.


Crisp, clear HD images for quality care.


Our examination cameras are compatible with multiple devices, as well as examination stations.


Ergonomic design to help capture hard to reach images.

Exam Cameras

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The GlobalMed staff are so approachable. They've been a huge asset because we know we can call them at any time. They are there for us 24/7 to help troubleshoot any problems we have, but we haven't had any problems and that's been an important part of why we work with them.

Suzanne A. SisleyMD, Psychiatrist

GlobalMed is about as customized and individual as you can be. They go in and literally assess the need. What specialties do you need this technology for, whether it be a stroke or pediatrics or tele-dermatology, and then they customize the product to those needs.

Garfield JonesVice President of Sales, REACH Call

I can do everything but touch the patient…I see a lot of the studies that say telemedicine is equivalent to being there. But, I actually think there is a case for saying at times telemedicine is better than being there.

Kathleen WebsterMD, Loyola University Health System