Telehealth Exam Cameras

Superior HD Image Quality for Telehealth Exams

Meeting standards of traditional patient encounters is a major concern for healthcare organizations engaging in telemedicine. Low-quality exam cameras are unreliable and can have a negative effect on the quality of patient care.  Capturing high-quality live video and still imagery are essential components of an effective telemedicine program. Listening to the needs of clinicians around the world, GlobalMed has developed best-in-class, multi-functional telehealth exam cameras.

TotalExam® 3.2

The TotalExam® 3.2 combines excellent HD image quality, intuitive design and versatility to take your telemedicine imagery needs to a new level of high definition imagery.  The TotalExam 3.2 has interchangeable attachments including autofocus  and otoscope heads, dermatology attachments and  accessories.

TotalExam® Lite

The TotalExam® Lite camera is designed for lightweight and affordability.  It’s low-light video and artifact free imaging allow high-definition viewing, precise freeze frame capture and full motion video.   The TotalExam® Lite camera is offered as a kit with both the general exam and the otoscope models.

Horus Digital Scope System

The Horus Digital Scope is a handheld exam camera designed specifically for telemedicine.  This system utilizes interchangeable attachments for ear nose and throat, dermatology, ophthalmology, audiology, and general examinations.  Its integrated lens locking system and touch screen operation make it ideal for multi discipline medical applications.

OtoCam 300

Small and lightweight, the OTOcam 300 offers crisp full-color images of the inner ear with a direct connection via USB to a computer. Video and still images can be shared with a remote physician during a live video conference.

High Definition Telehealth Exam Cameras Icon


Crisp, clear high-definition exam images for quality care.

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Our examination cameras are compatible with multiple devices, as well as examination stations.

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Ergonomic camera designs help physicians capture hard to reach images.

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