InVision Camera

Mounted Exam Camera

The InVisionCam is a highly advanced camera mounted on an articulating arm. The rapidly changing health industry drives the demand to integrate advanced technology with basic needs analysis into a fluid workflow management module. The InVision Cam offers a simple but comprehensive response.

Fixed to a GlobalMed Mobile Telemedicine Station and coupled with the integrated connectivity of GlobalMeds software platform, InVision Cam provides intuitive workflow management solutions that touch upon every area of the hospital environment.

These solutions increase productivity and improve the overall knowledge base. Most importantly, our workflow solutions technology helps save more lives.

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InVision Camera


  • HD camera 1080i/ 720P, SD compatible
  • Intrgrated 10x optical zoom lens and 12x digital zoom, combined zoom of 120x
  • Arm rotation and height adjustment

Provides hands free close detailed views as well as wide angle views multiple angles in Dentistry, Anatomy, Physical Therapy, Optometry, Surgery, and Women's Health.

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