TotalExam® 3.2 Camera

High-Definition Telemedicine Exam Camera and Otoscope Attachment

Designed for Telemedicine

The TotalExam® 3.2 high-definition telemedicine exam camera combines excellent HD image quality, intuitive design and versatility to take your telemedicine imagery needs to a new level of high definition imagery. 

Superior Image Quality

Delivers crisp, clear HD images utilizing an 8 LED carousel, white balance and adjustable brightness. Provides smooth video with 60 frame-per-second and the clearest still image using count back freeze frame analysis.

True Plug-and-Play Functionality

USB 3.0 connectivity makes the TotalExam 3.2 a true plug-and-play general examination camera, with the ability to be easily used with laptops, tablets as well as examination stations.

Intuitive Use and Ergonomic Image Capture

A pivoting head, intuitive button locations and improved ergonomics makes it easier to capture hard-to-reach images.

Collect Data Across a Range of Medical Use Cases

The TotalExam 3.2 high-definition telemedicine exam camera has interchangeable attachments and accessories, allowing a wide variety of medical evidence collection applications in fields such as teledermatology, ophthalmology, and family medicine.

Otoscope head fits adult 4.25 mm specula

Variable Polarizing Hood with disposable one touch collar

Dermatology Hood

Tongue depressor attachment fits standard 6.0 wooden depressors

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Variable Polarizing Hood (VPH)

Attaches Easily

It attaches to the end of the TotalExam® 3.2 and allows the user to control the amount of light reflecting off the examination area.

Removes Glare

The Variable Polarizing Hood (VPH) is an instrument that eliminates unwanted glare from surfaces that are being examined using the TotalExam® 3.2.

Variable Polarizing Hood

Mole Image – Polarized versus Non-polarized

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