12-Lead ECG Devices

Digital ECG Devices for Telehealth

Digital ECG devices designed with simplicity, portability, security and accuracy in mind –  GlobalMed’s digital ECGs extend the reach of cardio care beyond traditional boundaries. Our wireless 12-Lead ECG systems wirelessly streams ECG data from the patient to a remote computer such as a PC, laptop or Windows tablet. When combined with the eNcounter telehealth virtual care software platform, these solutions not only provide for robust patient assessments, but they are also 100% mobile, allowing you to take the assessment capability to the patient in a clinic, nursing home, disaster location or any other remote location. GlobalMed offers two digital ECG solutions based on your budget and patient assessment needs.

TotalECG® 12-Lead Digital ECG

The battery operated TotalECG device is hooked up to a patient and ECG data is wirelessly streamed from the patient to the computer running the interpretation software. The TotalECG is truly portable and designed to run on battery power for use in any location or room.

  • Glasgow 12-lead Analysis at 500 sps
  • No Bluetooth® drivers required
  • Only Telemed Solutions devices show up in the device list
    to avoid confusion
  • One-click connection process to connect ECG acquisition
    device to PC for streaming
  • Optional 128-bit encryption for secure data on any BT
  • Runs on Windows®7 and 10
  • Device works up to 100 ft. away from receiving PC
  • Up to nine TotalECG devices are supported (one at a time
    to each PC); multiple devices will not interfere with one another
  • Low battery icon shows up on the PC screen to alert user
  • Supports all popular screen resolutions for laptops and PCs

Welch Allyn® ECG with Diagnostic Cardio Suite™

Designed with your workflow in mind, the Welch Allyn® ECG with Diagnostic Cardiology Suite™ includes both digital ECG and spirometry capabilities to help you shorten the path to diagnosis. One device that can perform two reimbursable tests simplifies clinical workflows, reduces manual data entry and minimizes complexity.

The flexible platform allows you to adapt the Diagnostic Cardiology Suite to meet your clinical needs—whether you want to perform both exam types, or prefer a standalone ECG or spirometry solution. Combining the operational experience with clinical excellence brings you one solution for two critical exams— because simple is smart.

  • Launch the ECG and spirometry applications directly from your EMR
  • Use one PC-based ECG system for spirometry and ECG exams for a common workflow and setup
  • The ECG analysis software helps to streamline your workflow by capturing and saving an ECG in as few as two clicks
  • See the critical waveform data you need; the VERITAS® ECG algorithm limits filtering
  • Capture ECGs wirelessly with the Wireless Acquisition Module (WAM™)
  • Help reduce repeat ECGs by capturing the best 10 seconds of ECG data from memory
  • Comply with ACC, AHA and HRS recommendations for adult/pediatric patient ECGs
  • Take advantage of DICOM® and HL7® communication
  • Securely control user logins, assign user roles and access audit trails
  • Save PDFs to any network folder

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