OTOcam 300

Otocam300 Telehealth Exam Cameras

Aurical OTOcam300

Simplicity in Otoscopy

Small and lightweight, the OTOcam 300 offers crisp full-color images of the inner ear with a direct connection via USB to a computer. Video and still images can be shared with a remote physician during a live video conference.

Well-lit video enables a clinician to acquire crisp full-color patients images to clearly see features in a patients inner ear. The camera works with GlobalMed’s eNcounter® image automation system to acquire patient images that can be saved in DICOM format into an electronic medical record.

  • USB direct connection eliminates the need
    to charge a battery.
  • Interface with CapSure without a work-
    around for improved workflow.
  • Small, lightweight design for ease of use
    and mobility.


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