Medication delivery isn’t always efficient – which can create staff workarounds, noncompliance and errors. SecureScriptTM addresses these problems by securing medications near patient care areas. Network-enabled to manage access and reporting, SecureScriptTM makes medication delivery more efficient, safe and compliant by:

  • Improving workflows and reducing trips to med room
  • Ensuring medications aren’t misplaced, forgotten or diverted
  • Increasing time for patient interaction and improving HCAHPS scores

Removable Transport Cassette

The removable, lockable cassette is designed for ergonomics and provides an efficient method for refilling the bins. The cassette system also allows for swapping of bins or delivery of pre-filled bins by pharmacy services.

Adapt Security for Your Workflow

  • Bins specific to patient, user or medication
  • Double-lock option for controlled substances
  • Software-managed authentication and auditing

Improve Workplace Efficiency

  • Mounts in hallway near patient care areas
  • Reduces time spent retrieving medications
  • Ergonomic design places bins within easy reach

Reduce Errors, Improve Safety

  • Reduce diversion or interruption of med delivery
  • Control patient-specific multi-use medications
  • Control medications that patients bring to your facility

A Better Solution

  • The wall-mounted SecureScriptTM has many advantages over carts
  • Ergonomic design no bending, pushing or pulling
  • Always available in a fixed, known location
  • Decreases hallway clutter
  • No charging or routine maintenance
  • Eliminates room-to-room transfer for better infection control

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Well, NeuroCall uses GlobalMed's p8500 pull cart. This cart was actually designed for us, and that in my opinion is what sets GlobalMed apart from other vendors because you can go to a vendor and say, This is what I need. Can you build it? And they're going to say, Well, this is what we have. Can you buy it? And we never get that from GlobalMed.

Josh RandallNeuroCall, Inc.

GlobalMed is about as customized and individual as you can be. They go in and literally assess the need. What specialties do you need this technology for, whether it be a stroke or pediatrics or tele-dermatology, and then they customize the product to those needs.

Garfield JonesVice President of Sales, REACH Call

I can do everything but touch the patientI see a lot of the studies that say telemedicine is equivalent to being there. But, I actually think there is a case for saying at times telemedicine is better than being there.

Kathleen WebsterChair, Pediatric Special Interest Group at American Telemedicine Association