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Microservices and APIs

Solutions for Evidence-Based Care Delivery

GlobalMed’s secure, integrated on-prem and cloud-based telemedicine software solutions are designed to support the most advanced evidence-based clinical decision making. Our telehealth software technology enables providers to treat patients at any point in the care continuum from short-term acute conditions to long-term chronic illness, in person or remotely. Data gathered during virtual consults is accessible, actionable, useable, and sharable between systems.

Complete Telehealth Clinician Platform Software

eNcounter® – Telehealth Clinician Platform

eNcounter® is a complete telehealth platform that offers secure telemedicine software solutions with diagnostic and clinical workflow capabilities combined with interoperable services that work with your existing platform including scheduling, video consultations, data integration, and our unique, time and cost-saving dynamic integration management services.

Stand-Alone or Integrated Software

eNcounter®View – Clinician-to-Clinician Video

eNcounter®View is a video conferencing application designed specifically for the needs of the clinical community. Working as a standalone solution or integrated within the GlobalMed eNcounter® platform, eNcounterView can be used to connect clinicians for livestream video conferencing. It enables real-time sharing of medical data including device reports, images, auscultation sounds, and live video streams from connected exam cameras and probes.

eNcounter®Cloud – Medical Imaging Management

eNcounterCloud is a secure, cloud-based, web application for medical image archiving and data management. The application supports studies from multiple modalities, including Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance, Computed Radiography, Ultrasound, and Single Frame Visible Light Photography. Access and review consultation data, imaging, and records with an FDA-cleared DICOM Viewer.

ClearSteth® - Teleauscultation

The ClearSteth application offers an intuitive interface for clear and fast tele-auscultation. This software combined with a digital stethoscope from GlobalMed offers a simple solution for remote sharing of high-quality heart, lung, and body sounds.

Stand-Alone Software or API

eNcounter®NOW – Direct-to-Patient Video

Connect directly and securely to your patients using their own mobile device with the eNcounter®NOW telehealth application. Our direct-to-patient solution provides you and your patient a mobile appointment experience that is simple and secure.

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