Virtual care delivery made easy and accessible without the burden of operating yet another disparate platform.



Telemedicine Virtual Care Software

eNcounter® is a telemedicine virtual care software platform that offers secure diagnostic and clinical workflow capabilities combined with interoperable services that work with your existing platform, including scheduling, video consultations, data integration, and our unique, time and cost-saving dynamic integration management services.

Features for Every Form of Virtual Care

Extensive Exam Diagnostics

  • Specialized Auscultation
  • Spirometric Interpretation
  • Abdominal and Vascular Ultrasound Imaging
  • Electrocardiogram Interpretation
  • Manual and Automated Vitals Entry
  • Diagnostic Image Capture
  • Image Measurement
  • Multi-Way Video Conferencing
  • Synchronous Diagnostic Data Transfer
  • Offline Connectivity
  • Image Annotations
  • Remote Camera Control
  • Automated Hearing Tests

Optimized Telehealth Workflow

  • Scheduling
  • Visit Summaries
  • PACS Query
  • PACS Upload
  • Video Recordings
  • Worklist Selection

Flexible Software Services

  • Video Consultations
  • Scheduling API
  • Data and System Integration
  • Dynamic Integration Management Services (DIMS)

Flexible Virtual Care Software Services

Patients and providers alike are using telehealth technologies more than ever before. As telehealth adoption increases so does the need for patient data to flow securely and seamlessly between information systems.  Patients will expect to work with providers who have their history and health information readily available. Providers will expect to have access to accurate health records for clinical decision making and to meet reimbursement requirements.

eNcounter®  is a telemedicine virtual care software platform that offers flexible services for video, scheduling API, data integration, and dynamic integration services.  The eNcounter® virtual health platform integrates with health information systems to provide a data-driven, interoperable virtual care delivery experience and better care outcomes.

Video Consultations

eNcounter® Video Consultations is an API-based video layer that will enable the video functionality in eNcounter® to integrate with your platform, bolstering your existing tech with a telehealth video solution – all without having to add another application.

  • Real-Time Clinical Evidence Transfer
  • Multi-user environment – enables multiple participants to join a single encounter
  • Specialized signaling and messaging features for telehealth applications
  • Remote Camera Controls
  • Secured WebRTC

Operationally lean, this service-oriented approach eliminates the cost of a monolithic implementation and drastically reduces the need for staff training. 

Appointment Scheduling

eNcounter® Scheduling is a simple API that enables developers to construct links used to launch a virtual patient encounter from a preferred scheduling platform.  Using your existing workflows, you will schedule a virtual care appointment within the parent system. As a result, your application will receive the information it needs to construct a link for the virtual visit.

The link will enable the following activities:

  • Direct the user to eNcounter where the link will launch the virtual appointment and connect them with the invited attendees
  • Present the Patient Summary for a patient in attendance

The link is only good for a one-time consultation. A new link is requested each time a new virtual appointment is scheduled.  Developers will be provided with clear API documentation to implement eNcounter® Scheduling API within your preferred application.

Data integration is key to quality care delivery and the business of healthcare.

EHR / PACS Data Integration

Basic telehealth video applications cannot exchange data with other provider systems leaving important health information out of the patient record and creating data gaps in other business functions such as reporting and billing.

The eNcounter® data integration solution solves this problem for a range of telehealth delivery models – exchanging data between a telehealth platform and a multitude of systems and between providers using different EHRs.

  • Search patients to view a summary health record prior or during the visit
  • Store and view virtual visit data from your PACS or EHR
  • Capture clinical data, generate an Encounter Summary, and upload its contents to your configured EHR or PACS system
  • All EHR-compatible, portable data will populate EHR fields, including Vitals, Chief Complaints, Visit Notes, etc.

How Data Integration Works

When Starting a Consultation:

When a user logs into eNcounter® and searches their EHR to render the Patient Summary, they will see the most updated data from the EHR and PACS (labs, meds, allergies, conditions, etc.)

When a Consultation Ends:

Upon virtual visit completion, new data created during the consult flows out of the Encounter Summary into the EHR and PACS.

No Patient Data is Lost

  • EHR-compatible data is denoted with a green cloud icon.
  • To prevent data loss, data that cannot be ingested by the configured EHR can be sent to a configured PACS system and is denoted with a blue document icon. 
  • Where the data will go is determined by FHIR-enabled endpoint compatibility between your system and eNcounter®.



Achieve your interoperability goals by dramatically reducing the cost and inefficiency of health information system integration.

Dynamic Integration Management Services (DIMS)

Integrating healthcare information systems can be time-consuming, expensive, and difficult. With ongoing maintenance, support, and costly configuration and code changes, integration becomes a burden.

  • What if integration happened automatically between your systems whenever a change was made to the patient record?
  • What if you knew the data in your virtual visit platform was always up-to-date with your EHR?
  • What if this interoperability was affordable and efficient?

The DIMS microservice is an automated configuration management tool that maintains compatibility between an EHR and other integrated systems. DIMS automatically checks FHIR compatibility, detects EHR changes and then auto-syncs those changes, ensuring data is always current and ends up in the right place. There is no need for costly configuration or software development to account for adjustments to the parent information system. DIMS operates automatically, auto-syncing connected systems, with no manual intervention or code changes.

DIMS cloud graphic showing automated checking of EHR changes and auto-sync of those changes
DIMS telemedicine software showing automatic synching of virtual care patient data with and EHR/PACS

How DIMS Works

In six easy steps and based on your desired cadence, the DIMS mcroservice auto-checks the EHR for FHIR compatibility changes that ensures eNcounter and your systems are always in sync.


DIMS Auto-Checks the EHR

On a consistent cycle, DIMS checks the EHR for FHIR compatibility.

Changes are Captured

All changes are capture in a FHIR-Compatibility Manifest.

eNcounter is Updated to Reflect Changes

When a user logs into eNcounter® the system auto-checks the manifest for updates.

Encounter Summary is Created

At virtual consult completion, the user publishes an Encounter Summary with new patient data.

Data Pushed to EHR

The summary goes into the EHR as either actionable, usable data or the PACS system based on its latest FHIR-enabled compatibility.

Patient Summary

The next time the patient record is opened in eNcounter®, the most current information from the EHR will be reflected.

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