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GlobalMed has powered over 25 million virtual consults.
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When Native Americans living in the Grand Canyon need to see a specialist, or the President of the United States needs to connect with a doctor from Air Force One, GlobalMed is there. When a busy mom needs to consult a pediatrician late at night without leaving home, our technology makes it happen.

We know you need tools that are simple, effective and easy to use – tools that strengthen the patient-caregiver relationship. With eNcounter, our white-labeled software platform, you’ll have access to every feature necessary to practice any form of virtual care. GlobalMed can help you build a successful telemedicine practice, whether you're a small medical office or a large healthcare organization.

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eNcounter: Telehealth Features for Every Form of Virtual Care

  • Multi-Way, Video-Based Consults
  • Billing & Support User Licenses Included
    with Each Physician
  • Clinical Guidance
  • Complete Practice Branding
  • Connect to Clinical Grade Remote Patient
    Monitoring Devices
  • Credit/Debit Card Processing
  • Customized Appointment Types and Fees
  • Customized Chief Complaints
  • Customized Patient Consent Forms
  • Customized Workflows
  • Dynamic Text Message & Email Communications
  • E/M Coding
  • EMR and EHR Integration
  • E-Prescribing
  • Group Video Consults(Specialist, Care Provider, Family)
  • In-Application Referrals to Specialists
  • iOS/Android Consumer App
  • Live Transfer from Medical Assistant to Provider
  • Manage Patient Medical Charts
  • Parent/Child Account Management
  • Patient Awareness Marketing
  • Phone Consultations
  • POC Marketing Collateral
  • Post-Consultation Patient Surveys and Reviews
  • Super Bill Generation

Powering Telemedicine for Organizations of Every Size Across the Globe

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eNcounter Provider

For Providers

Our eNcounter software helps you find new patients locally or globally. Choose video, phone, in-home or office sessions, while setting your price per session or per hour. You can also check eligibility and bill for telemedicine consultations.

eNcounter for PracticesFor Admins

Add providers and staff, manage permissions and invite patients to use your telemedicine solutions. After customizing eNcounter, you can offer it on your website to give patients even more convenient care options.

eNcounter for Patients
For Patients

Select video, phone, in-home or office visits – your choice. Verify your insurance's telemedicine coverage with eNcounter's proprietary TeleScore system, then find and consult with local doctors or search specialists worldwide.

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Before launching your new telemedicine services, run through practice sessions with our team. They’ll pose as patients to help you build confidence and tweak your workflow to better serve patients from day one.

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