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When Native Americans living in the Grand Canyon need to see a specialist, or the President of the United States needs to connect with a doctor from Air Force One, GlobalMed is there.

We know you need tools that are simple, effective and easy to use – tools that strengthen the patient-caregiver relationship. With eNcounter, you’ll have access to every feature necessary to practice any form of virtual care. GlobalMed can help you build a successful telemedicine practice, whether you're a small medical office or a large healthcare organization.

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eNcounter®: Telehealth Features for Every Form of Virtual Care


  • Specialized Auscultation
  • Spirometric Interpretation
  • Abdominal and Vascular Ultrasound Imaging
  • Electrocardiogram Interpretation
  • Manual and Automated Vitals Entry
  • Diagnostic Image Capture
  • Image Measurement
  • Multi-Way Video Conferencing
  • Synchronous Diagnostic Data Transfer
  • Offline Connectivity
  • Image Annotations
  • Remote Camera Control
  • Automated Hearing Tests

  • Scheduling
  • Visit Summaries
  • PACS Query
  • PACS Upload
  • Video Recordings
  • Worklist Selection

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