Cloud-Based Medical Image Management

Image Viewing and Archiving

eNcounterCloud® is a secure, cloud-based, web application for medical image archiving and data management. The application supports studies from multiple modalities, including:

  • Computed Tomography (CT),
  • Magnetic Resonance (MR),
  • Computed Radiography (CR),
  • Ultrasound (US), and
  • Single Frame Visible Light Photography (external camera [XC] and other [OT]).

Access and review consultation data, imaging, and records with an FDA-cleared DICOM viewer.

Data Security and Privacy

Patient data security and privacy are the mainstaysof the United States Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Designed to minimize unauthorized access to PHI (Protected Health Information), eNcounterCloud stores patient data in a secured environment using AES-256 encryption. Data transfer between eNcounterCloud and other systems can be protected using TLS services or VPN tunnels.

Easy Access Across Platforms

Users reap the benefits associated with the latest in cloud-based medical image management technology. eNcounterCloud allows users to review patient data while off-site and is highly accessible across multiple platforms and browsers.


  • View and Share Images & Video
  • Add Notes and Share Consult Reports
  • PHI Logs for Administrative Use
  • DICOM Routing Rules
  • Role-Based Permissions

Clinical Imaging

share images in real-time with connected users withour state of the art exam cameras.
uploaded images icon
Render images from a configured endpoint.

Generate Images

Using our state-of-the-art exam cameras and software, share images in real-time with connected users.

Upload Images

Upload images to a connected endpoint such as a PACS or EHR system.

Render Images

Render images from a configured endpoint in a DICOM-compliant, FDA-cleared PACS viewer made available to connected users.

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