Fast, High Quality Clinician-to-Clinician Telehealth Video Conferencing Software

eNcounterView is a browser-based video conferencing application designed specifically for the needs of the medical community. Working as a stand-alone application or integrated within the GlobalMed eNcounter Application Suite, eNcounterView can be used to connect clinicians or healthcare providers for live stream video conferencing.

Using the GlobalMed Screen Sharing plugin, eNcounterView enables real-time clinician-to-clinician sharing of medical images, both visible and non-visible light images, including feeds from connected exam cameras. In addition to image sharing, eNcounterView prompts value adding, consult-specific communication between parties by allowing users to annotate images and live video feeds throughout the video conference.

eNcounterView is supported by emerging Real Time Communications (RTC) technologies, allowing users to facilitate remote consultations and expanding upon GlobalMeds mission of making healthcare accessible to all.

eNcounterView allowing users to facilitate remote telehealth consultations.


  • Clinician-to-Clinician
  • Multi-Way Video/Audio Conferencing
  • Clinical Evidence Transfer (Images, Device Reports, Live Exam Video Stream, Stethoscope Audio Streams, Vitals Data)
  • Remote Camera Control
  • Secured WebRTC
  • Screen Sharing
  • Invite By Email or through Contact Library
  • Annotations
  • Web, IOS and Android

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