ClinicalAccess® Station

All-in-One Mobile Exam Station

ClinicalAccess® Station boasts an innovative modular design configurable to accommodate a wide array of examination capabilities.

A clinical station that scales to fit your program’s evolving telemedicine needs, so you can easily expand the scope of services offered. Streamline your workflows with integrated seamless video conferencing and leading-edge medical devices. The powerful
eNcounter® software from GlobalMed delivers timely, secure, robust telehealth solutions in clinical settings.

Efficient and Intuitive

From start to finish, ClinicalAccess Station delivers simple and intuitive workflow by integrating all system hardware and software elements in an efficient solution.

Secure and Compliant

Locking compartments prevent loss and unauthorized use of station or its medical devices, while HIPAA-compliant store and forward image transfer software ensures your data gets to its destination securely.

Slim and Mobile

A clean, ovular design with a small footprint and five-wheel base makes this mobile clinical station easy to maneuver within confined spaces as well as moving it from room to room.


Modules that contain exam cameras, stethoscopes, otoscopes, EKGs, ultrasound probes or spirometers easily slide into place with more than 40 medical devices able to be integrated within the clinical station.

Discover the telemedicine solution that fits your needs.

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