WallDoc® – Wall Mounted Exam Station

WallDoc® is wall mounted telemedicine exam station designed for areas with space limitations. WallDoc mounts flat on the wall and occupies an area only slightly larger than that of a flat panel monitor, yet provides the functionality of a fully-integrated telemedicine solution. For confined spaces or spaces where telemedicine systems are frequently in use, WallDoc is the optimal station. Without the hassle of cords and attachments, WallDoc is the safest telemedicine solution on the market.

From a small clinic to a school nurse’s office, and corporate or retail health center to an oil platform, WallDoc is the ideal solution for a comprehensive, stationary telemedicine platform. Although WallDoc occupies a small area, the sound and video quality is not compromised. No matter the connection on either end, WallDoc will connect clinicians and patients as effectively as other portable telemedicine stations.

Compact and Secure

WallDoc integrates into existing environments, regardless of size constraints. Video-conferencing software is combined with connected medical devices, housed safely within the unit, to provide a comprehensive and customizable wall mounted telemedicine exam station solutions.


Steamlined Aesthetic

With its ergonomic design, WallDoc’s height adjusts to accommodate both seated and standing positions.


Improved Workflow & Patient Engagement

WallDoc® works seamlessly with GlobalMed’s software platforms, allowing the clinician to manage and engage the patient during the telemedicine visit.