Telemedicine Stations

Virtual Care Delivery Stations

GlobalMed’s telemedicine medical stations provide a hub for a secure, integrated telemedicine encounter. You can extend your care delivery wherever your patients are located: a medical clinic or hospital, remote site, home, workplace, school, military environment or correctional facility.

GlobalMed ClinicalAccess® Station

The GlobalMed ClinicalAccess Station’s innovative modular design lets you configure your telemedicine station to accommodate a range of examination capabilities. Integrated video conferencing software and connected medical devices lets your clinic or hospital deliver secure, quality healthcare solutions.

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CAS Lite Station

ClinicalAccess® Station (CAS Lite) frees you from the space concerns of larger equipment. Its flexible modular design lets you customize your station to accommodate specific examination needs, while its slim footprint, built-in WiFi and Ethernet offers the perfect telemedicine solution to seamlessly fit into small clinical spaces.

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Transportable Exam Station

The GlobalMed Transportable Exam Station (TES) offers a new way to provide evidence-based care to patients in remote locations. With a compact and rugged rolling case that safely houses your tablet PC and other fully-connected devices, TES lets you travel to your patients with the latest GlobalMed technology at your side.

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WallDoc brings telemedicine to areas with space limitations. Mounting flat on the wall, WallDoc occupies an area only slightly larger than that of a flat panel monitor, while providing the functionality of a fully-integrated telemedicine solution.

CAS Teleaudiology Station

GlobalMed offers an all-in-one telemedicine station for remote audiology assessment. Using four industry standard testing devices, this technology lets audiology specialists expand their practice into satellite clinics. Convenient and thorough care is always available, even when patients or specialists are too far away for an in-person visit.

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