TotalExam® Lite

State-of-the-art general exam and otoscope imaging in a lightweight, economical package

Designed for the Clinician

Specifically designed with the clinician and medical professional in mind, the TotalExam® Lite is our most feature complete imaging solution for telemedicine:

  • High Resolution Sensor for Precise Exam Imaging 
  • Extended Field of View Eliminates Need for Multiple Exam Images 
  • Superior Operation in Low Lighting 
  • Variable Illumination Levels
  • Optimized Color for Truer Images 
  • Advanced Auto-Focus and Intelligent Frame Capture for Clearer Images 
  • Patented USB Safety Lock, Ergonomic Grip and Easy to Clean Surface 

Lightweight and Affordable

Designed for lightweight and affordability, the TotalExam® Lite camera design incorporates over twelve years of medical imaging innovation. The kit includes both general exam and otoscope models which can be used standalone or integrated with our eNcounter® virtual health platform.

Precise Exam Imaging

The TotalExam® Lite General Exam Camera and Otoscope are used for medical examinations of the skin, eyes, ear, nose, throat, or mouth. The camera’s low-light video and artifact free imaging allow high-definition viewing, precise freeze frame capture and full motion video. Clinicians can adjust for differences in exam room lighting using the variable illumination setting and optimized algorithms ensure true color representation.

Use Cases Include:

  • Pediatrics
  • Dermatology
  • ENT
  • Wound Care
  • Infectious Disease
  • Clinics
  • Medical Schools 
  • Hospitals





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Extended Field of View

The TotalExam® Lite camera design incorporates a greater separation distance between the camera imager and lens, creating a wider field of view.  To the practitioner, this results in the ability to see a larger portion of the exam area without needing to move the camera or requiring the collection of multiple images to document the condition.

Total Exam Extended Field of View

TotalExam® Lite features a wide 16:9 field of view as compared to the view from a typical otoscope

Patented Dual Polarizing Dermatology Hood

The Dual Polarizing Hood attachment, included in the TotalExam® Lite Camera kit eliminates unwanted glare from examination surfaces. The hood easily attaches to the end of the camera.  Once attached, the patented design passes light through two polarizing filters, resulting in an image free from reflections and glare.


Dual polarizing hood, non-polarizing hood and One-Touch Collar attachments

Mole Exam – Non-Polarized

Digital image from TotalExam Lite camera showing the appearance of a mole using a non-polarized dermatologic camera hood

Mole Exam – Dual Polarized

Digital image from TotalExam Lite camera showing the appearance of a mole using a polarized dermatologic camera hood

A Complete Exam Solution

The TotalExam® Lite imagers were designed to be a complete solution for clinicians and general practitioners. In addition to a general exam camera and otoscope, each TotalExam® Lite kit contains a suite of accessories specifically designed to enhance your medical consultation with the patient. 

Integrated Tongue Depressor Holder

With ease of use in mind, the TotalExam® Lite general exam camera integrates a standard tongue depressor holder into the design of the camera body, eliminating the need for additional mounting hardware and providing a true one-hand operation of the imager.

Adult & Child Speculas

The otoscope is designed to deliver fog free images through the use of GlobalMed’s proprietary disposable speculas. Speculas in both adult (4.25mm) and child (3.0mm) sizes are included to provide more comfort for your patient, and more accurate viewing.

Dual Polarizing and Non-Polarizing Dermatology Hoods

In addition to our patented dual polarizing dermatology hood, perfect for eliminating glare and stabilizing images, the kit also includes a non-polarizing hood for times where glare or reflections are not an issue.  Both hoods are non-keyed, for easy on / easy off operation.

One-Touch Collars

Also included in the kit are disposable, one-time-use collars that attach to the end of the dermatology hoods, creating a barrier between device and patient.

Extended Length USB Cables

TotalExam® cameras operate through standard USB connections, eliminating the need for external power cords.  With an extended length of 2.5m and the patented USB safety lock, the provider has better access to patients during a consult. 

Learn how TotalExam® Lite supports virtual care delivery.

Designing the TotalExam® Camera

GlobalMed has been offering advanced imaging for several decades, and we understand that terms like pixels, frame rates and dynamic range may be new terms to consider when considering the best choice in an exam camera.

The characteristics you need in an exam camera may be very different than your mobile phone camera or home video camera. To get a look under the hood and understand the technology decisions to create our new line of sensors, please check out our white paper.

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