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5 Lessons From Successful Telemedicine Deployments

5 Lessons From Successful Telemedicine Deployments Image

1) Telemedicine Is More than Just Technology

Telemedicine is not just technology. Because establishing a successful telemedicine program calls for a deeper understanding of the needs of each community, it is important… Read More

The Value of Telemedicine (Infographic)

The Value of Telemedicine (Infographic) Image

Reduce costs while improving healthcare and quality of life. Healthcare can be greatly improved through the usage of telemedicine products and practices. GlobalMed offers secure, fully supported solutions to successfully integrate telemedicine into your life.… Read More

8 Telemedicine Trends to Watch in 2016

8 Telemedicine Trends to Watch in 2016 Image

32 states gave up waiting for changes at the federal level and have passed laws for telemedicine parity, meaning that private payers reimburse physicians for telemedicine visits at the same rate as in-person visits. A… Read More

7 Things Hospital CIOs and CMIOs Should Consider

7 Things Hospital CIOs and CMIOs Should Consider Image

Learn about the 7 things hospital CIOs and CMIOs should consider before implementing a telemedicine program into their systems. Read More

Ten Telemedicine Principles

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Few telemedicine programs enjoy the success that the University of Mississippi Medical Center has been able to achieve.

Here are 10 principles that Kristi Henderson, DNP, Chief Telehealth & Innovation Officer, says you need… Read More

Veteran Affairs

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The VA began setting up a network of Vet Centers across the country in 1979 that were separate from other VA facilities. In the 1980s, Congress mandated VA health care for Veterans so that by… Read More

School Based Healthcare

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The average American child has six to ten episodes of illness a year and schools are a prime breeding ground for the spread of germs. When a child gets sick at school, it presents both… Read More


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Telemedicine can be defined as the use of electronic media for the transmission of clinical data and information from one location to another, considering the strong application of information technology and telecommunications, in order to… Read More

Mental Health

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From the beginning, talk therapy has been, and continues to be, the traditional method of diagnosing and treating psychological disorders. Unfortunately, the United States doesn’t have enough mental healthcare professionals to listen and analyze. According… Read More

Correctional Telemedicine

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In the western part of Texas served by Texas Tech University Health Science Center (TTUHSC), their telemedicine program has been in existence since 1994, serving 15 correctional facilities. According to their estimates, the average cost… Read More

Cape Verde

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Healthcare in Cape Verde is limited, as medical facilities and some medicines are in short supply or unavailable. There are hospitals in Praia, Mindelo and São Filipe on the island of Fogo, with smaller medical… Read More