Transportable Exam Backpack

Built for Mobile Telemedicine

The GlobalMed Transportable Exam Backpack (TEB) brings a new dimension in providing telemedicine to patients in remote environments. Built for portability, this telemedicine backpack enables a provider to easily bring the medical encounter to the patient, regardless of their location.


Organized Design, Powerful Exam Capability

This lightweight, USB-powered backpack design provides a simple and organized solution, configured for in-home care or remote provider consultations with our suite of clinical devices including:

TotalVitals® Health Monitor
TotalExam® Camera & Otoscope
USB Stethoscope
TotalECG® (Optional)
Ultrasound (Optional)


A Complete, Transportable Telemedicine Solution

The Transportable Exam Backpack allows for a wide array of clinical data collection, from vitals signs including blood pressure, heart rate and temperature, to heart and lung sounds. Even in the most rural areas or isolated locations, a clinician can gather video evidence for an ENT consultation, and even capture ultrasound images, expanding care to patients anytime, anywhere.

Transportable Exam Backpack