Transportable Exam Backpack

Providing Telemedicine to Patients in Remote Locations

Built for Mobile Telehealth

The GlobalMed Transportable Exam Backpack (TEB) brings a new dimension in providing telemedicine to patients in remote environments. Built for portability, this backpack enables a provider to easily bring the medical encounter to the patient, regardless of their location.

Organized Design, Powerful Exam Capability

This lightweight, USB-powered backpack design provides a simple and organized solution, configured for in-home care or remote provider consultations with our suite of clinical devices including:

TotalVitals® Health Monitor
TotalExam® Lite or TotalExam® 3.2
USB Stethoscope
TotalECG® (Optional)
ClearProbe® Ultrasound(Optional)

A Complete, Transportable Telemedicine Solution

The Transportable Exam Backpack allows for a wide array of clinical data collection, from vitals signs including blood pressure, heart rate and temperature, to heart and lung sounds. Even in the most rural areas or isolated locations, a clinician can gather video evidence for an ENT consultation, and even capture ultrasound images, expanding care to patients anytime, anywhere.

Devices Included in the Transportable Exam Backpack

*Available with TotalExam® Lite or TotalExam® 3.2 Camera Configurations

orange backpack icon.


The Transportable Exam Backpack is fully equipped with
the medical tools needed for accurate acquisition of
patient vital data in order to establish an easy and quick
medical diagnosis.


Designed to be lightweight and easily portable, this
telemedicine backpack can easily travel with you for
routine visits and into more challenging remote locations.


The Transportable Exam Backpack allows you the
flexibility to configure a mobile exam solution that meets
your clients needs and your response scenarios.

Lightweight and Portable for In-Home and Remote Care

The Transportable Exam Backpack goes where you need to go to see your patients or clients without limiting
your consultation capability. The lightweight, compact design accommodates a complete suite of clinical
devices including vitals monitoring, exam camera, otoscope, ECG, stethoscope, ultrasound and accessories.

TEB on a table.


Mobile & Self-Contained

The Transportable Exam Backpack helps you bring the highest-level of healthcare service to your patients and clients without sacrificing accuracy or patient comfort.

This all-in-one telemedicine backpack features:
• Lightweight and compact bag design
• Integrated 4 port USB hub
• Dedicated laptop pocket up to 15.6”
• Custom foam insert to support peripheral devices.
• Additional storage pockets for peripheral accessories

Telemedicine is about convenience for both the provider and the patient – the Transportable Exam Backpack provides that convenience without sacrificing exam workflow or clinical accuracy.

Close up shot of the transportable exam backpack

Multiple Backpack Configurations

Different use cases call for different tools to best meet the needs of you and your patients. The Transportable Exam Backpack allows you the flexibility to configure a mobile exam solution that meets your clients’ needs and your response scenario.

Configuration 1: TotalExam Lite

This configuration provides an economical solution without losing image quality offering two independent exam imagers – the TotalExam Lite general exam camera and the TotalExam Lite otoscope. A wide range of specula choices makes this an ideal configuration for use with young children.

Configuration 2: TotalExam 3.2

For those looking for the highest quality medical imaging without any compromise, the second telemedicine backpack configuration offers the TotalExam 3.2 telemedicine camera.  It provides state-of-the-art images and includes attachments for otoscopy and dermatology.

All configurations include:

• Digital Stethoscope
• TotalVitals®
– SPo2
– Blood Pressure (Adult)
– Temperature Measurement

Optional Add-On Devices
• ClearProbe® Ultrasound
• TotalECG®

Transportable Exam Backpack Icon
bracket showing the Tranportable Exam Backpack configurations.

Configuration 1:

TotalExam Lite Exam
Camera and Otoscope

Telemedicine backpack with exam camera, steth, ultrasound and vitals monitoring

Configuration 2:

TotalExam 3.2 Camera with
Otoscope Attachment

Transportable Exam Backpack with TotalExam 3.2 Camera

eNcounter® Virtual Health Platform Integration

GlobalMed’s ecosystem of telehealth software and medical devices allows you to scale as your use cases expand and your organization grows.  With the Transportable Exam Backpack, you can use your own laptop to capture patient vitals, exam and ultrasound imagery for asynchronous sharing or real-time collaboration through commercial video solutions.

If you require coordination with specialists, colleagues and family members or  integration with EHR and practice management systems, the Transportable Exam Back is designed to integrate seamlessly with the GlobalMed eNcounter virtual health platform. This integration offers:

• Structured Diagnostic Workflow
• Real-Time Capture and Sharing of Clinical Evidence
• Full-Featured Multi-user Video Consult Capability
• EHR Data Synchronization
• User Friendly GUI with Full Device Integration
• HIPAA compliant Data Security

Software Options
Logo for Encounter suite of telemedicine software solutions
Doctor attending little girl through encounter.

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