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GlobalMed is the worldwide leader in the telemedicine industry for our innovative design, quality products, and superior service. We serve over 55 countries, supporting everyone from the White House to remote African villages to U.S. naval ships to tribes living inside the Grand Canyon. Our award-winning telemedicine technologies have resulted in an integrated suite of products and services that meet the challenging and ever-changing requirements of our global clientele.

We also recognize that having a solid network of industry partners with technical expertise strengthens our ability to offer best-in-class integrated solutions. At GlobalMed, we place great value on our TruPartners, the select resellers, dealers and distributors we work closely with to deliver solutions that deliver clarity, accessibility and convenience in telemedicine deployments worldwide.

The GlobalMed TruPartner Program leverages the competencies of our valued partners and provides them with the tools, resources, training and support that allows us to co-create successful telemedicine programs throughout the world.

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