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Unlocking Healthcare Access: Affordable Virtual Care for All

Unlocking Healthcare Access: Affordable Virtual Care for All.

Virtual care can bring quality care to underserved populations, allowing patients, regardless of location, to receive virtual health care for everything from emergency scenarios to specialized appointments for specific health conditions.

To continue to reduce the disparity of care, telehealth software must 1) be easily accessible to connect remote and underserved populations with the care they need and 2) include user-friendly equipment and software that can be implemented quickly and effectively.

At GlobalMed®, we have implemented a new option to implement a virtual care solution quickly and easily for healthcare providers by offering a rental program to make a telehealth solution more affordable.

Virtual Health – for Every Budget

The adoption of telehealth has accelerated over the last four years, prompting innovative solutions to meet various healthcare needs. At GlobalMed, we witness this transformative power daily as we assist in use cases ranging from simple video consultations to complex and remote care deployments. The demand for secure technologies that can scale and grow with an organization is rising, reflecting the expanding landscape of virtual care.

Entering the world of telehealth can be overwhelming, especially when navigating the financial aspect of this new care modality. Many organizations express concerns about reduced budgets and increased demand for care, making the upfront capital investment seem unattainable.

This is where our CostSimplified® model comes into play, making virtual health technologies accessible to all. Powered by GlobalMed’s market-leading telehealth stations, devices, and software solutions, CostSimplified allows organizations to adopt virtual care delivery services with a low monthly flat fee.

Benefits of CostSimplified:

  1. Affordability: Start a telehealth program with a minimal budget and an affordable monthly payment, eliminating the burden of a large upfront capital requirement.
  2. Quick Start: Get up and running quickly, bypassing the extended time needed for a capital approval process.
  3. Scalability: Affordably expand your virtual health offerings over time as your use cases and patient demand grow.
  4. Demonstrate ROI: Track patient utilization over time, providing valuable insights to prove telemedicine ROI to your stakeholders.
  5. Integrated Solution: Receive a fully integrated solution from one vendor, avoiding the pitfalls of lower-quality solutions from multiple sources.
  6. Setup and Training Included: Get the support needed to set up and use your new solution without extra costs.
  7. Remote Technical Management: Benefit from GlobalMed’s support team remotely handling the technical management of your equipment and software, including upgrades.

How Our Monthly Plan Works

Each CostSimplified plan includes your choice of delivery method and connected devices, all powered by our sophisticated eNcounter® virtual health software.

With no guessing games about maintenance costs and no significant capital expenditures required, you can seamlessly begin delivering secure and responsible telemedicine to patients whenever and wherever they need care. Explore the possibilities of telehealth without breaking the bank – because everyone deserves access to quality healthcare. Learn more about GlobalMed’s virtual health rental program here.

We can create the right virtual health solution for you.

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