Xpress® Station

Sleek, agile, affordable telemedicine.

Stay nimble while offering patients top-tier telehealth services

Xpress Station, sibling to our more robust cart ClinicalAccess® Station, offers smaller clinics or offices a compact telemedicine solution that wont take up valuable space. With customizable features, Xpress Station can be built up with only required components or functionalities, saving you money.

Xpress® Station

Xpress Station frees you from the space concerns of larger form factors. Customize your station to accommodate specific examination needs using its innovative modular design. With its slim footprint, built-in WiFi and Ethernet, Xpress Station is the perfect mobile telemedicine solution to seamlessly fit into small clinical spaces.

Xpress Station is part of our new Cost Simplified program. Get started for only $825/mo.


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Efficient and Intelligent

  • Simple to launch and use
  • Customizable to your workflow
  • Compatible with connected instruments
  • Integrated software and hardware

Secure and Compliant

  • Integrated security features
  • Locking compartment option
  • Prevents unauthorized usage

Sleek and Mobile

  • Sleek, ovular design
  • Small footprint and five-wheel base
  • Highly maneuverable in confined spaces

Powered by our eNcounter® software and 16 years of telemedicine innovation.
GlobalMed is trusted by the United States armed forces and healthcare providers around the world. We've enabled millions of patient-provider consults.

Our HIPAA-approved software and hardware are so secure that GlobalMed is the only telemedicine provider approved to operate on U.S. Department of Defense networks. eNcounter is configurable to your workflow, offers store-and-forward capabilities and connects easily to our smart medical devices.

Get Xpress Station + diagnostic devices + software for $825 month.

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Dont forget the devices
Our connected smart devices allow you to capture, store and share patient vitals like heart rate and blood pressure, and even capture HD audio and images.

Want to go mobile?
GlobalMeds rugged Transportable Exam StationTM models let you take telemedicine with you, wherever you go.