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The secure capture, store and forward of medical images facilitates better tracking of disease progression, more efficient remote consultations with specialists and improved preservation of data in patients’ electronic medical records. GlobalMed has developed a range of telemedicine software products that enable physicians to efficiently digitize and store images, or capture, store and forward them remotely, all while preserving patient privacy.

GlobalMed’s software is an advanced image automation system allows healthcare providers to capture high-resolution digital diagnostic images and transmit them for consultations in real time or at a later date. CapSure® offers crystal-clear HD images and enables practitioners to annotate medical images, measure specific areas of images in millimeters, and insert free form drawings on diagnostic images to simplify the process of acquiring, storing and forwarding medical imagery. Our image automation software can help you cut costs and improve care for your patients

GlobalMed designs medical software that makes medical technology more accessible for primary care physicians, specialists and clinicians. GlobalMed is proud to be a leading developer of medical software in the telemedicine industry – and we are poised for even faster growth in the coming years. In fact, our company recently climbed to No. 95 (up from No. 300 in 2011) on Inc. Magazine’s 2012 list of the nation’s 500 fastest growing private companies, and reached No. 7 (up from No. 22) on the list of fastest growing healthcare companies. To learn more about how our advanced medical software products can help you improve remote patient care, contact us today.

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