CAS Teleaudiology Station

All-in-one solutions for remote audiology assessments

GlobalMed offers a range of teleaudiology solutions that provide for remote patient audiology evaluation, or clinician-assisted exams that avoid inconvenient travel for the patient, or the need for a specialist to refer a patient to another physician.

All-in-one mobile teleaudiology station for remote audiology assessment

ClinicalAccess Teleaudiology Station

Combining the technology of industry leading audiology testing devices with GlobalMeds proven telemedicine station, the CAS Teleaudiology Station offers an all-in-one solution for remote audiology assessment.

Connections Across Distances

Patients are more likely to keep their appointments when the office is in their community. Our teleaudiology station links the remotely-located patient to a specialist via video conferencing.


Meet all the audiology patients needs from testing to fitting in one, fully-loaded solution.

Exceptional Workflow

Dual monitors allow for a constant video conferencing with the specialist as well a large clear display for the technician to work from.

Automated Audiology Clinical Extender

The AACE is a table-top solution which includes an accurate, self administered hearing and speech test that allows for automated collection of diagnostic data and ear images to be integrated into a single report so it can be reviewed by a remote audiologist.

Transportable Audiology Backpack

The GlobalMed® Transportable Audiology Backpack (TAB) provides a highly effective, mobile telemedicine audiology solution to check a patient’s hearing and provide convenient audiology care in the patient’s home, office or remote location.

Establish or expand your teleaudiology practice today.