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Below is a list of drivers and software available for download.
GlobalMed recommends disabling antivirus software prior to installation. 

Chrome 58 Certificate Error Patch
If you are experiencing the certificate error, please follow the instructions below to resolve:
Note: You will need Admin rights to install this patch.
1. Unzip the files if they do not unzip automatically, by right clicking and selecting "Extract all."
2. Right click on setup.bat to run the installer as an administrator.
3. Restart the machine.


Prerequisite Installers (Required for initial install)
eNcounter Prerequisite Installer - 32 bit
eNcounter Prerequisite Installer - 64 bit

Current Release
Please note: Windows provides prompts when connecting TotalVitals via Bluetooth in eNcounter. In order to connect faster with more reliability, do not click these prompts.

ClinicalAccess® Station

If CAS received before 6/22/17: CASPDB Installer v1.0.3 
If CAS received on 6/23/2017 or after: CASPDB Installer v2.0.0.4
CAS USB to Serial Driver

WelchAllyn for Vitals

File Required! Run this before installing: SDK_23_RC5.msi
WelchAllyn Installer 64bit
WelchAllyn Installer 32bit


Please Note: This is the ClearSteth standalone installer for non-eNcounter users.  The eNcounter installer contains the latest version of ClearSteth as part of its installation package. Do not install ClearSteth if eNcounter is already installed.  Version 1.1.0 or newer of ClearSteth is not compatible with previous versions.


CapSure® 2 Draw Installer v2.1.6.1 - 64 bit
Please Note: Non-VA Version


CardioPerfect v1.6.5
Must follow this 2 step process to install properly:
1. Run “setup.exe” from the root directory and wait for the installation to complete.
2. Access the “tools” folder then the “FileLink” folder and run “setup.exe”, wait for installation to complete.

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GlobalMed is about as customized and individual as you can be. They go in and literally assess the need. What specialties do you need this technology for, whether it be a stroke or pediatrics or tele-dermatology, and then they customize the product to those needs.

Garfield JonesVice President of Sales, REACH Call

I can do everything but touch the patient…I see a lot of the studies that say telemedicine is equivalent to being there. But, I actually think there is a case for saying at times telemedicine is better than being there.

Kathleen WebsterMD, Loyola University Health System